23 February 2012

Over 450,000 Answers to 681 Quizzes!

Today, the PL/SQL Challenge hit another milestone: players have submitted over 450,000 answers to N quizzes since April 2010.

 We just passed a big milestone at the PL/SQL Challenge: over 450,000 answers have been submitted for the over 680 quizzes offered since its inception in April 2010. Here are some stats:

The Stats Wow!
Number of Registrations10,603
Number of Players8,740
Quizzes Played681
Answers Submitted450,424
Time Spent Answering Quizzes1,053 days
Average Time Per Quiz03 mins 39 secs
Prize Money Awarded$40,097

Many thanks to all the players who have:
  • Taken the time to play consistently over the last two years;
  • Submitted quizzes for play; 
  • Reviewed quizzes to help improve their quality (tremendously!);
  • Spread the word about the PL/SQL Challenge.
And thanks also to my friends at Apex Evangelists, who played a key role in getting the PL/SQL Challenge up and running, and who help us keep it going.

Steven Feuerstein

21 February 2012

New Qualifier Process for Playoffs

We will be instituting a new process for the upcoming Q1 2012 championship playoff.

All or some of the players who qualify to participate in the playoff will be required to take three qualifier quizzes.

If the performance on these qualifier quizzes is substantially worse than the player's performance during the quarter (% correct and/or time required to answer the quiz), then the following steps will be taken:

1. That player will be ineligible to participate in the playoff.
2. That player's status will be set to non-competitive.
3. Any awards from the previous quarter will be reversed.

We believe that this qualifier step will strengthen the integrity of the playoff and ensure the best possible results for all players.

Warm regards,
Steven Feuerstein