30 May 2012

Q1 2012 Championship Playoff Results

You will find below the rankings for the Q1 2012 playoff; the number next to the player's name is the number of times that player has participated in a playoff. Congratulations first and foremost to our top-ranked players:

1st Place: Chad Lee, United States, wins an Amazon.com US$250 Gift Card.
2nd Place: Niels Hecker, Germany, wins an Amazon.com US$175 Gift Card.
3rd Place: Ivan Blanarik, Slovakia, wins an Amazon.com US$100 Gift Card.

Chad has participated in four playoffs, but this is his first time in the top 3. Nice work, Chad!

This was Ivan's first playoff - an excellent showing for a first-time player!

Niels has participated in seven playoffs. He took top honors in the Q3 2010 playoff and took second place in the Q2 2010 playoff. That is a very impressive track record.

As you can see, the highest % correct is 87. This was a tough competition and in the end the time to answer became the differentiator. Would you like to try it for yourself? Then set up a practice based on the competition and see how you do!

Congratulations to everyone who played in the playoff. I hope you found it entertaining, challenging and educational.

Steven Feuerstein

Rank Name Country Total Time % Correct Total Score
1Chad Lee (4)United States19 mins 59 secs87%2865
2Niels Hecker (7)Germany24 mins 21 secs87%2813
3Ivan Blanarik (1)Slovakia25 mins 18 secs87%2794
4kowido (5)No Country Set18 mins 08 secs83%2787
5Alexander Polivany (4)Ukraine24 mins 21 secs87%2778
6Mike Pargeter (6)United Kingdom18 mins 45 secs83%2740
7Kevan Gelling (5)Isle of Man29 mins 47 secs87%2704
8mentzel.iudith (6)Israel29 mins 54 secs87%2702
9Siim Kask (6)Estonia27 mins 14 secs83%2605
10Vebjørn Koksvik (1)Norway26 mins 53 secs83%2542
11Krzysztof Helbin (1)Poland21 mins 25 secs78%2537
12Michal Cvan (5)Slovakia29 mins 53 secs83%2517
13Frank Schrader (7)Germany23 mins 20 secs78%2458
14Jerry Bull (4)United States29 mins 25 secs78%2302
15Vincent Malgrat (2)French Republic27 mins 03 secs74%2274
16Sean Stuber (4)United States25 mins 21 secs74%2273
17Zoltan Fulop (1)Hungary22 mins 10 secs70%2187
18_tiki_4_ (2)Germany19 mins 31 secs65%2160
19Viacheslav Stepanov (5)Russia28 mins 12 secs70%2136
20Randy Gettman (6)United States28 mins 57 secs70%2086
21Dieter Kowalski (1)Germany23 mins 59 secs65%2070
22Sebastian Kolski (1)Poland20 mins 19 secs65%2034
23Rimantas Adomauskas (1)Lithuania28 mins 50 secs65%1938
24Anna Onishchuk (5)Ireland25 mins 16 secs65%1895
25Justin Cave (5)United States23 mins 41 secs61%1891
26Gideon Bruggink (2)Netherlands28 mins 49 secs65%1864
27Thierry Poels (3)Belgium28 mins 19 secs57%1574
28haennesche (1)Germany14 mins 15 secs48%1515
29Vladimir Drozdov (1)Russia19 mins 38 secs48%1447
30Stelios Vlasopoulos (3)Belgium27 mins 47 secs52%1434
31Marco Siefert (1)Germany26 mins 51 secs52%1338
32Syed Ariful Bari (3)Bangladesh16 mins 34 secs43%1319
33Elena Rakhimov (1)Canada29 mins 34 secs43%1059
34Goran Stefanović (1)Serbia29 mins 48 secs35%754
35Tobias Stark (1)Germany26 mins 06 secs35%753