31 July 2012

Results from Q2 2012 Championship Playoff

You will find below the rankings for the Q2 2012 playoff; the number next to the player's name is the number of times that player has participated in a playoff.

Congratulations first and foremost to our top-ranked players:

1st Place: kowido wins Amazon.com US$250 Gift Card .
2nd Place: Justin Cave of United States wins Amazon.com US$175 Gift Card.
3rd Place: Frank Schrader of Germany wins Amazon.com US$100 Gift Card

In the Q1 2012 playoff, the highest % correct was 87. In this playoff, five players exceeded 90% accuracy, with our second-place winner actually getting every single choice correct! Nice work, Justin. You might then be asking yourself: "Why is Justin in second place if he got every choice correct?" That's because kowido, the first-place winner, was almost as correct (only 2 wrong out of 23 choices - a performance matched by three others) and he submitted his answers in about half the time of Justin.

Sometimes it pays to hurry - at least if you really know your stuff. And as you can see from the table below, kowido squeaked into first place with just one more point than Justin.

Congratulations to everyone who played in the playoff. I hope you found it entertaining, challenging and educational. And for those who were not able to participate in the playoff, you can take the quizzes next week through the Practice feature.

Steven Feuerstein

PS - Below the table of results for this playoff, you will find another list showing the playoff history of each of these players.

Playoff Results 

Rank Name Country Total Time % Correct Total Score
1kowido (6)No Country Set16 mins 04 secs91%2879
2Justin Cave (6)United States31 mins 06 secs100%2878
3Frank Schrader (8)Germany19 mins 27 secs91%2811
4Frank Schmitt (2)Germany15 mins 06 secs87%2748
5Niels Hecker (8)Germany30 mins 42 secs91%2586
6Siim Kask (7)Estonia25 mins 58 secs87%2531
7Giedrius Deveikis (1)Lithuania17 mins 21 secs83%2518
8Dieter Kowalski (2)Germany27 mins 16 secs87%2470
9Sean Stuber (5)United States34 mins 57 secs91%2466
10Scott Wesley (2)Australia15 mins 15 secs78%2410
11Anna Onishchuk (6)Ireland33 mins 52 secs87%2373
12Viacheslav Stepanov (6)Russia32 mins 38 secs87%2362
13Rakesh Dadhich (1)India17 mins 34 secs74%2324
14Jerry Bull (5)United States23 mins 49 secs78%2324
15Ivan Blanarik (2)Slovakia34 mins 56 secs87%2316
16Vincent Malgrat (3)French Republic25 mins 48 secs83%2274
17Sebastian Kolski (2)Poland30 mins 18 secs83%2259
18james su (5)Canada24 mins 36 secs74%2098
19mentzel.iudith (7)Israel34 mins 52 secs78%2018
20Mike Pargeter (7)United Kingdom20 mins 03 secs70%2014
21Kuzmin Konstanin (1)No Country Set16 mins 59 secs70%2000
22Randy Gettman (7)United States29 mins 30 secs74%1935
23_tiki_4_ (3)Germany24 mins 23 secs70%1887
24swart260 (1)Netherlands19 mins 26 secs65%1876
25Kevan Gelling (6)Isle of Man31 mins 01 secs70%1870
26Chad Lee (5)United States34 mins 28 secs74%1861
27Yuan Tschang (4)United States34 mins 55 secs74%1827
28Syed Ariful Bari (4)Bangladesh08 mins 05 secs57%1778
29Zoltan Fulop (2)Hungary32 mins 43 secs65%1671
30Goran Stefanović (2)Serbia34 mins 46 secs65%1620
31Anil Jha (1)United States26 mins 18 secs57%1389
32Vinu (1)India29 mins 38 secs48%1072
33Stelios Vlasopoulos (4)Belgium29 mins 57 secs48%1041

Playoff Performance History 

After each name, the quarter in which he or she played, and the ranking in that playoff.

Name History
kowidoQ1 2011:25th, Q2 2011:9th, Q3 2011:16th, Q4 2011:20th, Q1 2012:4th, Q2 2012:1st
Justin CaveQ3 2010:26th, Q4 2010:3rd, Q1 2011:5th, Q3 2011:3rd, Q1 2012:25th, Q2 2012:2nd
Frank SchraderQ3 2010:12th, Q4 2010:30th, Q1 2011:1st, Q2 2011:5th, Q3 2011:1st, Q4 2011:1st, Q1 2012:13th, Q2 2012:3rd
Frank SchmittQ4 2011:23rd, Q2 2012:4th
Niels HeckerQ2 2010:2nd, Q3 2010:1st, Q4 2010:15th, Q1 2011:7th, Q3 2011:7th, Q4 2011:10th, Q1 2012:2nd, Q2 2012:5th
Siim KaskQ1 2011:29th, Q2 2011:7th, Q3 2011:10th, Q4 2011:3rd, Q1 2012:9th, Q2 2012:6th
Giedrius DeveikisQ2 2012:7th
Dieter KowalskiQ1 2012:21st, Q2 2012:8th
Sean StuberQ3 2010:5th, Q1 2011:21st, Q2 2011:11th, Q1 2012:16th, Q2 2012:9th
Scott WesleyQ3 2010:30th, Q2 2012:10th
Anna OnishchukQ1 2011:6th, Q2 2011:22nd, Q3 2011:20th, Q4 2011:17th, Q1 2012:24th, Q2 2012:11th
Viacheslav StepanovQ1 2011:9th, Q2 2011:4th, Q3 2011:13th, Q4 2011:19th, Q1 2012:19th, Q2 2012:12th
Rakesh DadhichQ2 2012:13th
Jerry BullQ2 2011:33rd, Q3 2011:8th, Q1 2012:14th, Q2 2012:14th
Ivan Blanarik Q1 2012:3rd, Q2 2012:15th
Vincent MalgratQ4 2011:9th, Q1 2012:15th, Q2 2012:16th
Sebastian KolskiQ1 2012:22nd, Q2 2012:17th
james suQ3 2010:56th, Q2 2011:8th, Q3 2011:11th, Q4 2011:14th, Q2 2012:18th
mentzel.iudithQ4 2010:4th, Q1 2011:17th, Q2 2011:24th, Q3 2011:5th, Q4 2011:4th, Q1 2012:8th, Q2 2012:19th
Mike PargeterQ4 2010:22nd, Q1 2011:15th, Q2 2011:10th, Q4 2011:5th, Q1 2012:6th, Q2 2012:20th
Kuzmin KonstaninQ2 2012:21st
Randy GettmanQ3 2010:8th, Q1 2011:26th, Q2 2011:12th, Q3 2011:4th, Q4 2011:11th, Q1 2012:20th, Q2 2012:22nd
_tiki_4_Q4 2011:27th, Q1 2012:18th, Q2 2012:23rd
swart260Q2 2012:24th
Kevan GellingQ2 2011:21st, Q3 2011:2nd, Q4 2011:6th, Q1 2012:7th, Q2 2012:25th
Chad LeeQ2 2011:27th, Q3 2011:18th, Q4 2011:12th, Q1 2012:1st, Q2 2012:26th
Yuan TschangQ2 2012:27th
Syed Ariful BariQ3 2011:19th, Q4 2011:28th, Q1 2012:32nd, Q2 2012:28th
Zoltan FulopQ1 2012:17th, Q2 2012:29th
Goran StefanovićQ1 2012:34th, Q2 2012:30th
Anil JhaQ2 2012:31st
VinuQ2 2012:32nd
Stelios VlasopoulosQ4 2010:38th, Q4 2011:21st, Q1 2012:30th, Q2 2012:33rd