10 March 2014

Results of 2013 Q4 PL/SQL Championship

You will find below the rankings for the 2013 Q4 PL/SQL championship; the number next to the player's name is the number of times that player has participated in a championship.

Congratulations first and foremost to our top-ranked players:

1st Place: Peter Auer of Germany

2nd Place: Mike Pargeter of United Kingdom

3rd Place: Frank Schmitt of Germany

This was Peter's first championship. An impressive rookie performance, Peter!

Next, congratulations to everyone who played in the championship. I hope you found it entertaining, challenging and educational. And for those who were not able to participate in the championship, you can take the quizzes next week through the Practice feature. We will also make the championship as a whole available as a Test, so you can take it just like these players did.

My thanks to all my fine reviewers, but most particularly Elic, whose impact on the quality of our daily quizzes and championships cannot be overstated.

Steven Feuerstein

Note: Below the table of results for this championship, you will find another list showing the championship history of each of these players.

Rank Name Country Total Time % Correct Total Score
1Peter Auer (1)Germany27 mins 25 secs92%2882
2Mike Pargeter (12)United Kingdom22 mins 06 secs87%2788
3Frank Schmitt (8)Germany30 mins 05 secs87%2723
4Karel Prech (3)Czech Republic32 mins 25 secs87%2652
5Michal Cvan (11)Slovakia33 mins 58 secs87%2551
6Zoltan Fulop (7)Hungary29 mins 14 secs82%2485
7Janis Baiza (9)Latvia22 mins 35 secs76%2443
8Jerry Bull (11)United States29 mins 20 secs74%2443
9Ravshan Abbasov (1)Uzbekistan33 mins 11 secs79%2441
10Anna Onishchuk (8)Ireland16 mins 40 secs79%2432
11dmitrysk (1)Russia32 mins 52 secs84%2398
12Manfred Kleander (1)Austria34 mins 52 secs84%2393
13Vincent Malgrat (7)French Republic32 mins 35 secs79%2388
14Lukasz Kubicki (1)Poland22 mins 54 secs71%2362
15james su (8)Canada21 mins 52 secs71%2348
16Chad Lee (10)United States33 mins 00 secs84%2325
17Jeroen Rutte (7)Netherlands34 mins 46 secs82%2320
18Frank Puechl (4)Germany20 mins 50 secs74%2298
19Rytis Budreika (1)Lithuania18 mins 20 secs68%2253
20mentzel.iudith (13)Israel33 mins 13 secs84%2251
21João Barreto (4)Portugal22 mins 17 secs74%2214
22Telmoc (2)Portugal20 mins 30 secs66%2190
23Randy Gettman (12)United States34 mins 52 secs71%2183
24Yuri Pedan (4)Ukraine17 mins 06 secs71%2163
25Viacheslav Stepanov (12)Russia31 mins 00 secs76%2145
26Krzysztof Helbin (3)Poland26 mins 08 secs68%2112
27Anil Jha (3)United States34 mins 56 secs76%2101
28Kevan Gelling (9)Isle of Man30 mins 37 secs68%2078
29Siim Kask (13)Estonia27 mins 48 secs63%2054
30Leszek Grudzień (2)Poland30 mins 20 secs66%1998
31Yuan Tschang (8)United States34 mins 24 secs55%1972
32Niels Hecker (14)Germany35 mins 00 secs71%1960
33Oleksiy Varchyn (2)Norway21 mins 32 secs61%1919
34_tiki_4_ (6)Germany25 mins 06 secs58%1678
35Goran Stefanović (5)Serbia24 mins 33 secs61%1544
36Rakesh Dadhich (5)India26 mins 50 secs55%1443
37Stelios Vlasopoulos (10)Belgium24 mins 13 secs50%1406
38Thierry Poels (7)Belgium28 mins 05 secs58%1343
39Milibor Jovanovic (5)Serbia32 mins 24 secs53%1272
40Dan Kiser (6)United States33 mins 38 secs50%897

Championship Performance History

After each name, the quarter in which he or she played, and the ranking in that championship.
Name History
Peter AuerQ4 2013:1st
Mike PargeterQ4 2010:22nd, Q1 2011:15th, Q2 2011:8th, Q4 2011:5th, Q1 2012:5th, Q2 2012:17th, Q3 2012:5th, Q4 2012:20th, Q2 2013:12th, Q4 2013:2nd
Frank SchmittQ4 2011:22nd, Q2 2012:2nd, Q3 2012:21st, Q4 2012:3rd, Q1 2013:13th, Q2 2013:1st, Q3 2013:9th, Q4 2013:3rd
Karel PrechQ3 2012:36th, Q4 2012:23rd, Q4 2013:4th
Michal CvanQ3 2010:22nd, Q4 2010:25th, Q3 2011:21st, Q1 2012:11th, Q3 2012:14th, Q4 2012:14th, Q1 2013:14th, Q2 2013:11th, Q3 2013:1st, Q4 2013:5th
Zoltan FulopQ1 2012:15th, Q2 2012:26th, Q3 2012:22nd, Q4 2012:17th, Q1 2013:22nd, Q3 2013:22nd, Q4 2013:6th
Janis BaizaQ2 2010:3rd, Q4 2010:7th, Q3 2011:9th, Q4 2011:1st, Q3 2012:23rd, Q1 2013:4th, Q2 2013:4th, Q3 2013:3rd, Q4 2013:7th
Jerry BullQ2 2011:32nd, Q3 2011:8th, Q1 2012:12th, Q2 2012:11th, Q3 2012:13th, Q4 2012:15th, Q1 2013:9th, Q2 2013:15th, Q4 2013:8th
Ravshan AbbasovQ4 2013:9th
Anna OnishchukQ1 2011:5th, Q2 2011:20th, Q3 2011:19th, Q4 2011:17th, Q1 2012:21st, Q2 2012:8th, Q4 2013:10th
dmitryskQ4 2013:11th
Manfred KleanderQ4 2013:12th
Vincent MalgratQ4 2011:9th, Q1 2012:13th, Q2 2012:13th, Q4 2012:6th, Q1 2013:1st, Q2 2013:14th, Q4 2013:13th
Lukasz KubickiQ4 2013:14th
james suQ3 2010:56th, Q2 2011:7th, Q3 2011:11th, Q4 2011:14th, Q2 2012:15th, Q1 2013:7th, Q3 2013:15th, Q4 2013:15th
Chad LeeQ2 2011:26th, Q3 2011:17th, Q4 2011:12th, Q1 2012:1st, Q2 2012:23rd, Q3 2012:28th, Q4 2012:22nd, Q1 2013:20th, Q2 2013:8th, Q4 2013:16th
Jeroen RutteQ3 2010:19th, Q3 2012:10th, Q4 2012:11th, Q1 2013:8th, Q2 2013:18th, Q3 2013:4th, Q4 2013:17th
Frank PuechlQ3 2012:26th, Q1 2013:15th, Q3 2013:12th, Q4 2013:18th
Rytis BudreikaQ4 2013:19th
mentzel.iudithQ4 2010:4th, Q1 2011:17th, Q2 2011:23rd, Q3 2011:5th, Q4 2011:4th, Q1 2012:7th, Q2 2012:16th, Q3 2012:33rd, Q4 2012:4th, Q1 2013:2nd, Q2 2013:7th, Q3 2013:2nd, Q4 2013:20th
João BarretoQ3 2010:18th, Q4 2010:21st, Q2 2011:3rd, Q4 2013:21st
TelmocQ4 2013:22nd
Randy GettmanQ3 2010:8th, Q1 2011:25th, Q2 2011:10th, Q3 2011:3rd, Q4 2011:11th, Q1 2012:18th, Q2 2012:19th, Q3 2012:30th, Q4 2012:12th, Q1 2013:3rd, Q2 2013:13th, Q4 2013:23rd
Yuri PedanQ3 2010:45th, Q4 2010:9th, Q1 2011:2nd, Q4 2013:24th
Viacheslav StepanovQ1 2011:8th, Q2 2011:4th, Q3 2011:13th, Q4 2011:19th, Q1 2012:17th, Q2 2012:9th, Q3 2012:6th, Q4 2012:21st, Q1 2013:18th, Q2 2013:22nd, Q3 2013:11th, Q4 2013:25th
Krzysztof HelbinQ1 2012:10th, Q4 2012:18th, Q4 2013:26th
Anil JhaQ2 2012:28th, Q4 2012:19th, Q4 2013:27th
Kevan GellingQ2 2011:19th, Q3 2011:1st, Q4 2011:6th, Q1 2012:6th, Q2 2012:22nd, Q4 2012:16th, Q1 2013:12th, Q4 2013:28th
Siim KaskQ1 2011:28th, Q2 2011:6th, Q3 2011:10th, Q4 2011:3rd, Q1 2012:8th, Q2 2012:4th, Q3 2012:31st, Q4 2012:10th, Q1 2013:11th, Q2 2013:16th, Q3 2013:17th, Q4 2013:29th
Leszek GrudzieńQ2 2013:24th, Q4 2013:30th
Yuan TschangQ2 2012:24th, Q3 2012:24th, Q4 2012:27th, Q2 2013:30th, Q4 2013:31st
Niels HeckerQ2 2010:2nd, Q3 2010:1st, Q4 2010:15th, Q1 2011:6th, Q3 2011:7th, Q4 2011:10th, Q1 2012:2nd, Q2 2012:3rd, Q3 2012:2nd, Q4 2012:7th, Q1 2013:6th, Q2 2013:3rd, Q3 2013:13th, Q4 2013:32nd
Oleksiy VarchynQ3 2013:28th, Q4 2013:33rd
_tiki_4_Q4 2011:26th, Q1 2012:16th, Q2 2012:20th, Q4 2012:8th, Q3 2013:8th, Q4 2013:34th
Goran StefanovićQ1 2012:31st, Q2 2012:27th, Q3 2012:34th, Q4 2013:35th
Rakesh DadhichQ2 2012:10th, Q1 2013:23rd, Q2 2013:28th, Q3 2013:27th, Q4 2013:36th
Stelios VlasopoulosQ4 2010:37th, Q4 2011:20th, Q1 2012:27th, Q2 2012:30th, Q3 2012:1st, Q4 2012:1st, Q1 2013:27th, Q2 2013:23rd, Q3 2013:19th, Q4 2013:37th
Thierry PoelsQ3 2011:22nd, Q1 2012:24th, Q1 2013:26th, Q3 2013:25th, Q4 2013:38th
Milibor JovanovicQ4 2012:29th, Q1 2013:30th, Q3 2013:18th, Q4 2013:39th
Dan KiserQ4 2013:40th