10 October 2012

Time for the Q3 2012 Championship Playoff!

The following players will be invited to participate in the Q3 2012 championship playoff. The number in parentheses after their names are the number of playoffs in which they have already participated.

It's very impressive to see the #1 rank taken by a player who has participated in just one previous playoff.  Six players have never been in a playoff before - it's always good to have "new blood" giving those repeat players a run for their money.

See the FAQ for an explanation of the three ways a player can qualify for the playoff. And congratulations to all listed below on their accomplishment and best of luck in the upcoming competition!

We will set and publish the date of the playoff very soon.

Name Rank Qualification Country
swart260 (1)1Top 25Netherlands
Sean Stuber (5)2Top 25United States
Jerry Bull (5)3Top 25United States
Stelios Vlasopoulos (4)4Top 25Belgium
mentzel.iudith (7)5Top 25Israel
Vinu (1)6Top 25India
Chad Lee (5)7Top 25United States
Viacheslav Stepanov (6)8Top 25Russia
Randy Gettman (7)9Top 25United States
Marco Siefert (1)10Top 25Germany
Frank Schrader (8)11Top 25Germany
Siim Kask (7)12Top 25Estonia
Yuan Tschang (4)13Top 25United States
kowido (6)14Top 25No Country Set
Justin Cave (6)15Top 25United States
Niels Hecker (8)16Top 25Germany
Anna Onishchuk (6)17Top 25Ireland
Frank Schmitt (2)18Top 25Germany
Jeroen Rutte (1)19Top 25Netherlands
Chris Saxon (3)20Top 25United Kingdom
Zoltan Fulop (2)21Top 25Hungary
Giedrius Deveikis (1)22Top 25Lithuania
koko (0)23Top 25Ukraine
Sebastian Kolski (2)24Top 25Poland
Kim Berg Hansen (3)25Top 25Denmark
Janis Baiza (4)27WildcardLatvia
Markus Langlotz (1)29WildcardSwitzerland
Ivan Blanarik (2)30WildcardSlovakia
Jens Petersen (1)34WildcardGermany
Tony Winn (1)35WildcardAustralia
Patrick Barel (0)37WildcardNetherlands
Jason H (0)46WildcardUnited States
Goran Stefanović (2)50CorrectnessSerbia
Michal Cvan (5)57CorrectnessSlovakia
Gary Myers (4)68WildcardAustralia
Mike Pargeter (7)69CorrectnessUnited Kingdom
puchtec (0)78WildcardGermany
Peter Schmidt (2)80WildcardGermany
macabre (2)87CorrectnessRussia
Vijay Mahawar (0)99CorrectnessIndia
Tobias Stark (1)140CorrectnessGermany
Karel Prech (0)166CorrectnessCzech Republic
mark kavalaris (0)274CorrectnessNo Country Set
Dan Kiser (1)308CorrectnessUnited States
Fernando Bautista (0)464CorrectnessUnited Kingdom