26 February 2015

PL/SQL Championship for 26 February Postponed

We will NOT hold the championship today.

Even if the website becomes available within next two hours, I do not want to take a chance at starting the competition and then having problems before it is done.

We will reschedule for a day and time in March.

Participants will receive an email for a new date and time soon.

But based on requests from the last one, I will put this out idea out now:

What do you think of holding the championship on Saturday?

More specifically, please post a comment here if you are participating in the 2014 PL/SQL championship and you cannot or do not want to compete on Saturday

Three Out of Four Isn't Too Bad

We held two annual championships last week (SQL and Database Design).

We held a third this week on Logic.

They all went pretty smoothly.

In 2.5 hours it is time for the grand finale: the PL/SQL Championship.

And the PL/SQL Challenge website just went down. Possibly another DDOS attack.

I suppose I should feel proud that our website is so high profile, so mission critical, that someone thinks it is worth their time to attack it.

Except I know the site is not all that high profile and is definitely not mission critical.

So I am just really irritated.

Well, worst comes to worst, we will just reschedule.

That's better than having the championship start and then the site goes down.

Because in that case, I have to produce new quizzes. That would be a serious hassle.

24 February 2015

Results of First-ever Database Design Annual Championship

You will find below the rankings for the 2014 championship; the number next to the player's name is the number of times that player has participated in a championship.

Congratulations first and foremost to our top-ranked players:

1st Place: Sean Molloy of United States

2nd Place: Pavel Zeman of Czech Republic

3rd Place: Justin Cave of United States

As you can see in the table below, the ranking was very tight, with the top two players both getting 91% correct, and the next four all with 87% correct.

Next, congratulations to everyone who played in the championship. I hope you found it entertaining, challenging and educational. And for those who were not able to participate in the championship, you can take the quizzes next week through the Practice feature. We will also make the championship as a whole available as a Test, so you can take it just like these players did.

Thanks and congratulations to the Database Design Quizmaster, Chris Saxon, also our brand-new Oracle Developer Advocate for SQL.

Steven Feuerstein

Rank Name Country Total Time % Correct Total Score
1Sean Molloy (1)United States23 mins 21 secs91%2657
2Pavel Zeman (1)Czech Republic38 mins 25 secs91%2596
3Justin Cave (1)United States23 mins 14 secs87%2457
4Elic (1)Belarus28 mins 30 secs87%2436
5mentzel.iudith (1)Israel28 mins 34 secs87%2436
6Sandra99 (1)Italy34 mins 22 secs87%2413
7Stelios Vlasopoulos (1)Belgium35 mins 22 secs83%2259
8Viacheslav Stepanov (1)Russia20 mins 06 secs78%2220
9Andrey Zaytsev (1)Russia35 mins 43 secs78%2207
10Eric Levin (1)United States38 mins 55 secs78%2194
11Christoph Hillinger (1)Austria15 mins 06 secs78%2190
12Michal Cvan (1)Slovakia36 mins 31 secs78%2154
13Siim Kask (1)Estonia20 mins 26 secs74%2118
14Jan van Overveld (1)Netherlands23 mins 26 secs74%2106
15Niels Hecker (1)Germany36 mins 56 secs78%2102
16Ivan Blanarik (1)Slovakia19 mins 30 secs74%2072
17Chad Lee (1)United States32 mins 45 secs74%2069
18_tiki_4_ (1)Germany08 mins 35 secs74%2066
19Kuvardin Evgeniy (1)Russia28 mins 49 secs74%1985
20Chase Mei (1)Canada07 mins 58 secs70%1968
21Joaquin Gonzalez (1)Spain16 mins 33 secs70%1934
22danad (1)Czech Republic30 mins 46 secs70%1927
23Maxim Borunov (1)Russia35 mins 53 secs70%1906
24Pavel Noga (1)Czech Republic39 mins 31 secs70%1892
25Oleksiy Varchyn (1)Norway12 mins 57 secs65%1848
26Jan Šerák (1)Czech Republic29 mins 45 secs65%1831
27Leszek Grudzień (1)Poland18 mins 23 secs65%1826
28Manfred Kleander (1)Austria36 mins 13 secs70%1805
29Rytis Budreika (1)Lithuania07 mins 16 secs65%1771
30Michal P. (1)Poland22 mins 26 secs65%1760
31Anna Onishchuk (1)Ireland15 mins 50 secs65%1737
32Marcus Matzberger (1)Germany22 mins 19 secs61%1661
33Sachi (1)India11 mins 00 secs57%1606
34Henry Abeska (1)Czech Republic13 mins 08 secs61%1597
35Mehrab (1)United Kingdom39 mins 16 secs61%1593
36Naresh Kumar (1)Malaysia30 mins 22 secs61%1579
37Krzysztof Helbin (1)Poland19 mins 07 secs61%1574
38PZOL (1)Hungary34 mins 30 secs61%1562
39Tobias Stark (1)Germany27 mins 01 secs57%1542
40dannyg64 (1)United States19 mins 14 secs57%1523
41João Barreto (1)Portugal30 mins 57 secs57%1476
42MarkM. (1)Germany28 mins 53 secs48%1184
43Ravshan Abbasov (1)Uzbekistan28 mins 13 secs43%1087
44Scott Wesley (1)Australia00 mins 45 secs17%397