06 September 2013

Q2 2013 PL/SQL Championship Results!

You will find below the rankings for the 2013-2 playoff; the number next to the player's name is the number of times that player has participated in a playoff.

Congratulations first and foremost to our top-ranked players:

1st Place: Frank Schmitt of Germany wins: Amazon.com US$250 Gift Card .

2nd Place: Chris Saxon of United Kingdom wins: Amazon.com US$175 Gift Card.

3rd Place: Niels Hecker of Germany wins: Amazon.com US$100 Gift Card.

Congratulations to everyone who played in the playoff. I hope you found it entertaining, challenging and educational. And for those who were not able to participate in the playoff, you can take the quizzes next week through the Practice feature.

Warm regards,
Steven Feuerstein

Note: Below the table of results for this playoff, you will find another list showing the playoff history of each of these players.

Rank Name Country Total Time % Correct Total Score
1Frank Schmitt (6)Germany23 mins 28 secs92%2971
2Chris Saxon (6)United Kingdom27 mins 56 secs92%2881
3Niels Hecker (12)Germany29 mins 10 secs92%2857
4Janis Baiza (7)Latvia22 mins 49 secs88%2834
5Peter Schmidt (4)Germany30 mins 57 secs92%2821
6Ivan Blanarik (6)Slovakia33 mins 42 secs92%2741
7mentzel.iudith (11)Israel34 mins 38 secs92%2682
8Chad Lee (9)United States32 mins 35 secs88%2663
9Alexey Ponomarenko (1)Ukraine32 mins 45 secs88%2635
10Jason H (2)United States30 mins 31 secs84%2520
11Michal Cvan (9)Slovakia29 mins 01 secs80%2485
12Mike Pargeter (11)United Kingdom23 mins 51 secs76%2473
13Randy Gettman (11)United States32 mins 28 secs80%2451
14Vincent Malgrat (6)French Republic34 mins 42 secs84%2431
15kowido (10)Germany34 mins 27 secs84%2416
16Dieter Kowalski (5)Germany34 mins 13 secs80%2356
17Jerry Bull (9)United States31 mins 05 secs80%2353
18Siim Kask (11)Estonia25 mins 03 secs76%2289
19Tony Winn (3)Australia31 mins 34 secs80%2244
20Jeroen Rutte (5)Netherlands32 mins 26 secs76%2241
21Ajaykumar Gupta (2)Singapore33 mins 57 secs76%2211
22Frank Schrader (12)Germany32 mins 21 secs76%2143
23Veera Marimuthu (2)Singapore30 mins 45 secs76%2135
24Matthias Rogel (3)Germany18 mins 02 secs60%1869
25Viacheslav Stepanov (10)Russia31 mins 11 secs64%1751
26Stelios Vlasopoulos (8)Belgium23 mins 17 secs56%1674
27Leszek Grudzień (1)Poland25 mins 17 secs56%1599
28Pavel Noga (1)Czech Republic34 mins 52 secs60%1593
29swart260 (5)Netherlands33 mins 40 secs64%1582
30Vinu Garg (4)India24 mins 03 secs56%1569
31Rakesh Dadhich (3)India27 mins 45 secs56%1550
32Naresh Kumar (1)India32 mins 00 secs60%1540
33Yuan Tschang (7)United States34 mins 43 secs60%1531
34Livio (1)Luxembourg34 mins 51 secs44%878

Playoff Performance History

After each name, the quarter in which he or she played, and the ranking in that playoff.
Name History
Frank SchmittQ4 2011:24th, Q2 2012:4th, Q3 2012:23rd, Q4 2012:5th, Q1 2013:15th, Q2 2013:1st
Chris SaxonQ4 2010:16th, Q2 2011:2nd, Q4 2011:8th, Q3 2012:22nd, Q4 2012:3rd, Q2 2013:2nd
Niels HeckerQ2 2010:2nd, Q3 2010:1st, Q4 2010:15th, Q1 2011:7th, Q3 2011:8th, Q4 2011:11th, Q1 2012:2nd, Q2 2012:5th, Q3 2012:3rd, Q4 2012:9th, Q1 2013:8th, Q2 2013:3rd
Janis BaizaQ2 2010:3rd, Q4 2010:7th, Q3 2011:10th, Q4 2011:2nd, Q3 2012:25th, Q1 2013:6th, Q2 2013:4th
Peter SchmidtQ3 2010:2nd, Q4 2010:14th, Q3 2012:29th, Q2 2013:5th
Ivan Blanarik Q1 2012:3rd, Q2 2012:15th, Q3 2012:18th, Q4 2012:27th, Q2 2013:6th
mentzel.iudithQ4 2010:4th, Q1 2011:18th, Q2 2011:25th, Q3 2011:6th, Q4 2011:5th, Q1 2012:8th, Q2 2012:19th, Q3 2012:35th, Q4 2012:6th, Q1 2013:4th, Q2 2013:7th
Chad LeeQ2 2011:28th, Q3 2011:19th, Q4 2011:13th, Q1 2012:1st, Q2 2012:26th, Q3 2012:30th, Q4 2012:25th, Q1 2013:22nd, Q2 2013:8th
Alexey PonomarenkoQ2 2013:9th
Jason HQ3 2012:19th, Q2 2013:10th
Michal CvanQ3 2010:23rd, Q4 2010:25th, Q3 2011:23rd, Q1 2012:12th, Q3 2012:16th, Q4 2012:17th, Q1 2013:16th, Q2 2013:11th
Mike PargeterQ4 2010:22nd, Q1 2011:16th, Q2 2011:10th, Q4 2011:6th, Q1 2012:6th, Q2 2012:20th, Q3 2012:6th, Q4 2012:23rd, Q2 2013:12th
Randy GettmanQ3 2010:8th, Q1 2011:27th, Q2 2011:12th, Q3 2011:4th, Q4 2011:12th, Q1 2012:20th, Q2 2012:22nd, Q3 2012:32nd, Q4 2012:14th, Q1 2013:5th, Q2 2013:13th
Vincent MalgratQ4 2011:10th, Q1 2012:15th, Q2 2012:16th, Q4 2012:8th, Q1 2013:3rd, Q2 2013:14th
kowidoQ1 2011:26th, Q2 2011:9th, Q3 2011:17th, Q4 2011:21st, Q1 2012:4th, Q2 2012:1st, Q3 2012:9th, Q4 2012:2nd, Q1 2013:1st, Q2 2013:15th
Dieter KowalskiQ1 2012:21st, Q2 2012:8th, Q4 2012:16th, Q1 2013:24th, Q2 2013:16th
Jerry BullQ2 2011:34th, Q3 2011:9th, Q1 2012:14th, Q2 2012:14th, Q3 2012:15th, Q4 2012:18th, Q1 2013:11th, Q2 2013:17th
Siim KaskQ1 2011:30th, Q2 2011:7th, Q3 2011:11th, Q4 2011:4th, Q1 2012:9th, Q2 2012:6th, Q3 2012:33rd, Q4 2012:12th, Q1 2013:13th, Q2 2013:18th
Tony WinnQ3 2010:17th, Q2 2013:19th
Jeroen RutteQ3 2010:20th, Q3 2012:12th, Q4 2012:13th, Q1 2013:10th, Q2 2013:20th
Ajaykumar GuptaQ1 2013:7th, Q2 2013:21st
Frank SchraderQ3 2010:12th, Q4 2010:30th, Q1 2011:1st, Q2 2011:5th, Q3 2011:1st, Q4 2011:1st, Q1 2012:13th, Q2 2012:3rd, Q3 2012:2nd, Q4 2012:4th, Q1 2013:2nd, Q2 2013:22nd
Veera MarimuthuQ1 2013:21st, Q2 2013:23rd
Matthias RogelQ2 2013:24th
Viacheslav StepanovQ1 2011:9th, Q2 2011:4th, Q3 2011:14th, Q4 2011:20th, Q1 2012:19th, Q2 2012:12th, Q3 2012:7th, Q4 2012:24th, Q1 2013:20th, Q2 2013:25th
Stelios VlasopoulosQ4 2010:38th, Q4 2011:22nd, Q1 2012:30th, Q2 2012:33rd, Q3 2012:1st, Q4 2012:1st, Q1 2013:30th, Q2 2013:26th
Leszek GrudzieńQ2 2013:27th
Pavel NogaQ2 2013:28th
swart260Q2 2012:24th, Q3 2012:27th, Q4 2012:28th, Q1 2013:32nd, Q2 2013:29th
Vinu GargQ2 2012:32nd, Q1 2013:31st, Q2 2013:30th
Rakesh DadhichQ2 2012:13th, Q1 2013:26th, Q2 2013:31st
Naresh KumarQ2 2013:32nd
Yuan TschangQ2 2012:27th, Q3 2012:26th, Q4 2012:30th, Q2 2013:33rd
LivioQ2 2013:34th