06 June 2010

Release 1.3 of PL/SQL Challenge Now Available!

We have now published a new version of the PL/SQL Challenge website. We have redesigned the web pages to provide you with more ranking and profile information. We hope you like it. Press the Feedback button if you have any comments or suggestions. Here is a list of key changed or improved features:
  • New home page displays more ranking information and also shows you upcoming prizes you can win.
  • New login and profile information in upper-right corner of web pages.
  • New Statistics page offers much more and more detailed information. Note: we will also soon publish instructions so that you can write your own reports to display on this page!
  • New Testimonials page offers quotes from players of the PL/SQL Challenge.
  • New Welcome page for first time players.
  • The monthly Toad World (www.toadworld.com) quiz is now hosted at PL/SQL Challenge.
  • Lots of cleanup of UI inconsistencies.
We hope you like the new website design. Most changes were motivated by specific requests from players.


    1. I like the changes very much. Better use of the screen.

      One comment on the statistics. Can there be a legend of the colors of the graphics and a little description of what I'm looking at? I was looking at my week overview and I didn't completely understand what everything is.

    2. Um, I don't seem to be able to see anything in the Results columns after I've logged in, even though I've played sporadically since April.

      That's the report at the top of the front page, with the Latest headings: Week, Month, Quarter, Lifetime. The fields are empty. but if I use your new Statistics page to pull up My Profile, it shows rankings for last week (but not this week, as I missed Monday), This Quarter, This Month and Overall Rank. BTW, why is the ranking order on this report:



      I'd think Month would come before Quarter, no?

      But I see info under my Profile, including Player Since 8 April 2010, Best Week 212 in ...

      Otherwise, I like the new design, though I'd still like an easy way to flip through the quizzes I've taken and check my results. I don't see an easy way to filter out just those days.

    3. Thanks for your comments.

      We're aware of the issue with missing field values in the new profile section above the header menu.

    4. One more thing: I dint like the buttons "Invite Friends", "Edit Profile" and "Logout". It gives impressions of buttons all over the screen.

      I think a hyperlink is better. What do you think?

      Otherwise, the plsql 1.3 is fine.