02 July 2010

Daily reminders now going out to players

Starting 2 July 2010, we will be sending reminders to take the daily quiz via email to any player who has indicated in their profile that they want to receive a daily report on the results of yesterday's quiz and who has not yet taken the quiz at the time the emails are sent out.

The results from sending reminders so far is dramatic: for the second day this week, we have over 900 players and today we may well hit 1000 for the first time ever. Go, players, go!

By mid-July, you will be able to specify that you want to receive the daily report on yesteday's quiz and not the reminder. Until then, if you do not want to receive this reminder, you will need to turn off the daily report as well through your profile page. We hope this will not cause any problems for you. If it does, I am certain we will hear from you. :-)

Please add no-reply@plsqlchallenge.com to your whitelist to avoid having the reminder email treated as spam.
In the reminder that went out on 2 July, we did not filter out those players who already took the quiz. We apologize for that oversight.


  1. Another mea culpa: you may have received an email even if you have daily reports disabled. We will make sure that does NOT happen again.

  2. We received this note from a player:

    Daily reminders _IS_ the spam - there is no way to unsubscribe now. So I have to add "no-reply@plsqlchallenge.com" to my spam-list. Sorry, but you must think before to do.

  3. To which I reply and should have made clear in the first announcement:

    If you do not want to receive a daily reminder, please send an email to no-reminder@plsqlchallenge.com and you will not receive the daily reminder. We will also make sure that when the option to turn of reminders is on the profile page, yours will be set to "off."