07 August 2010

1.5 Version of PL/SQL Challenge Now Available

We've upgraded the PL/SQL Challenge to 1.5, with the following new features and changes:

* New sponsors framework: we have upgraded support for sponsors so that we can have different kinds of sponsors. A part of this upgrade also implements a much more flexible foundation for defining competitions and awards for those competitions. This will mostly be transparent to players, but we thought you'd like to know.

* Add ability to let a user play for educational purposes only, and not participate in ranking-based competitions/prizes: If you do not want to compete for ranking-based prizes, check this box. You can still win a raffle prize just for playing the quiz, but you will not be ranked with other players. Choose this option if you want to play in a way that violates any of our rules (for example, you want your development team to play the quiz together) and you do not want to be penalized. You can switch back to competitive playing only within the first week of a quarter.

* Minor changes to Assumptions: please read this section in full before you take your next quiz, to make sure you are fully aware of all assumptions.

* Remove account: you can now remove your account from the PL/SQL Challenge from the Edit Profile page. This action will erase all results for your email address. This action cannot be reversed.

* Changes to Feedback form: you are now required to choose the type of Feedback. The more accurately you set this type, the more easily we can administer the PL/SQL Challenge.

* Changes to Rules and FAQ pages: please take a moment to read through these pages to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of how the PL/SQL Challenge works and how you can most effectively play and compete.

* Login and Forgot Password button locations changed: in response to player feedback, we have switched the locations of these buttons. So take a look at what you are pressing before you click!

1.5, by the way, marks the first version in which my son, Eli (brand-new to programming, Oracle, APEX, SQL, PL/SQL and HTML) participated in testing, enhancing and bug-fixing. A very exciting milestone for both of us.

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