28 August 2010

Advance Notice: "Very Fast Answers" adjustment coming up

After the end of the month, I will be running my "very fast answers" algorithm and adjustment for the period 15 August through 31 August.

To recap: for each I record the amount of time it takes me (author of the quiz and PL/SQL expert) to answer the quiz.

This then becomes the baseline for analyzing the time taken by players.

If your total time is below mine (with a grace period thrown in), I increase your "time to answer". I then re-score and re-rank. And then I pick the winner for "Most Correct of the Month."

Generally what happens is that if your answer time is so aggressive that it mimics the answer time of someone who might be cheating (using two different accounts to get an advance peak and study of the quiz), you will be pushed down in the rankings.

Regards, Steven Feuerstein

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