19 August 2010

PL/SQL Challenge was unavailable for 3 Hours on 19 August

Hardware problems at the datacentre hosting the PL/SQL Challenge site led to three hours of downtime, from approximately 6 PM Perth, Australia time to 9 PM. Well, that's where I (Steven Feuerstein) am right now, so that is my point of reference....

We apologize for any inconvenience. Our policy is to void the quiz if it is unavailable for four or more hours, so the quiz is still on for today.

Regards, Steven


  1. If a quiz is voided for a day, does it count as a 'no question day', a 'nobody answered the question day' or a 'everybody got zero for that question on that day'.

    Just wondering how it gets incorporated into the ten days for the forgiveness policy. Unusual cases like that tend to be forgotten in testing.

  2. Excellent question, Gary. I expect that what I will do when I "void" a day is actually to treat everyone the same: that is, everyone played and gets credit. I have tested the site and backend enough to know that it doesn't handle "gaps" in quizzes well at all, and I haven't found the time to sort it out. Fortunately, this is all currently hypothetical and hopefully it will stay that way. :-)

    Ah the realities of building and maintaining software applications with very minimal resources.

    Regards, SF