10 August 2010

Quizzes missing text in Firefox 3.6.3 (or other browsers)?

We have received occasional but persistent reports of players not able to see all the text for a quiz. Here are some typical descriptions:

"Hi Steven Yesterday (9th) was a very easy quiz but for answer 2 and 5, I just saw the boxes, but there was absolutely nothing in the corresponding Choice/Explanation field, so I haven't any reason to check the box (with nothing you can't do nothing. Unfortunately, now with the answer, I see what it should have been and that I have 2 mistakes because of that."

"On yesterday's quiz (about UTL_FILE) I could only see 4 possible answers although there were 5 tick boxes. I did not take a screenshot but the middle solution was completely blank."

We have not been able to reproduce this problem; it is likely related to the image rendering, which can be tricky across browsers.

Please submit a bug report if this has happened to you. And if you see it happening again, please take a screenshot and include that in the bug report.

I am using Firefox 3.6.8 and have not had any problems. Perhaps those of you on 3.6.3 could upgrade and that will resolve the problem?



  1. If it happens to you, try holding in Ctrl while pressing and releasing the F5 key, this MIGHT cause the missing image to be rendered for you. It worked for me the only time I was missing the question text.

  2. I got some image display problem with firefox 3.6.8 but a refresh fixed it (I think it was due to the slow speed connection I got at the time)