02 September 2010

Adjustments made, adjustments planned, playoff approaching

I just finished the adjustments for "very fast answers" for the period 15 August to 31 August. You will see some changes in the rankings soon. This is my least favorite part of the PL/SQL Challenge: to have to even imply that maybe some players are violating rules. I hate it, but what else can I do? If your pattern of play is indistinguishable from someone who cheats, I must taken action to protect the credibility of the daily quiz.

So please: take your time, read the questions and choices thoroughly and carefully. Enjoy and learn!

I will also in the coming week to ten days apply the first round of "forgiveness" adjustments - up to 10 missed quizzes and/or 0 scores will be "forgiven" according to an algorithm defined on the Rules page of plsqlchallenge.com.

And then....the second quarter in the history of the PL/SQL Challenge will come to an end, which means we will be holding our second championship playoff in mid-October. So sharpen your pencils and your wits - and do everything you can to boost your score in this last month of the quarter.

Don't be discouraged if your rank is not that high - you can still gain entry into the playoff through a wildcard selection. See the Rules page for more details.

Before we announce participants, we will do another round of adjustments (for very fast answers and forgiveness).

I also expect to upgrade to version 1.6 of PL/SQL Challenge before the playoff, hold a special PL/SQL Challenge competition for Oracle Open World, and lots more!

Soon, soon, soon, you will receive a newsletter will details of the above and much more, so be on the lookout for that.

Steven Feuerstein
"Obsessed with PL/SQL - and what's wrong with that?"

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  1. Hi Steven,

    Thanks for your dedication and hard work, even during your vacation, helping us learn and understand PL/SQL better.