22 September 2010

Update: Quizzes and Prizes During Oracle Develop

We've been spreading the word and developers are taking the quiz - here in San Francisco and of course beyond.

I've also gotten a number of emails raising concerns about awarding prizes to players who submit answers in astonishingly short amounts of time. So I thought I would address this issue, and more on the blog.

First and most important: if you are here in San Fran and taking the quiz, do not forget to check the box under the Submit Answer button. You will not be eligible for a special prize unless you do so. All you have to do is check the box ONCE over the three days, and you will be eligible. So if you forgot Mon and Tue, no worries. Just check the box today. Please do NOT check it if you are not here. You will distort the rankings and prize allocations. Please contact us if you did this and I will uncheck the box for you.

Second, I will not award prizes this week to players with answer times that are below the reasonable minimum I have set for these questions. And, by the way, my analysis so far indicates that no more than one or two of the people here in San Fran might even possibly fall under that category.

World-wide, it is a different situation, but please do not worry: I will not give away prizes to people who clearly do not deserve it!

Warm regards,
Steven Feuerstein

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  1. You are right steven. To read the question itself will take some 20-30secs. But answers came in not more than 5-6secs.