01 November 2010

On Winners and Adjustments for the end of October

You will find on the PL/SQL Challenge a list of the most recent winners. I ran into an interesting and new circumstance for October that I wanted to highlight for you.

At the end of each month I account a winner of the "most correct" raffle. You are eligible to participate in this raffle if your correctness over the month was at least as high as the #1 ranked player -regardless of the amount of time it took you to answer the quizzes.

When I ran my script to pick this "most correct" winner for October, my code raised a NO_DATA_FOUND exception. After a quick debug session, I discovered the reason:

No other players matched the 100% correctness ranking of Eurico Matos in October 2010!

Achieving 100% correctness for an entire month is quite an achievement in general, and even more so when no other players were able to do so. Congratulations, Eurico!

I ran the adjustment algorithm for very fast answer times this weekend as well, so some of you might notice a sudden downward shift in your rankings. Remember: take your time, read carefully and thoroughly.

Steven Feuerstein

1 comment:

  1. When I look into Classic Ranking for Oct 2010 sorted by Overall Rank I can see only 99% for Eurico :p It is great achievement anyway!

    Congrats, Eurico!