24 November 2010

PL/SQL Challenge server down at 21:00 UTC

The PL/SQL Challenge server is experiencing technical difficulties, making it impossible to play the daily quiz.

We hope to have it back up soon, so if you have not yet played, please check again later (there is about 2.25 hours left for the quiz today).

Over 1130 people did play before the site went down.

Our policy is to void the results if the site is unavailable for 4 or more hours. At this point, I expect to use the results for today, but will make a final determination when the day is done.

Our apologies,


  1. :(

    I normally only have the chance to play at this time of the day.

    Too bad for me...

  2. Me too I could'n play before today.
    I retraied now but it seems i couldn't play today quiz.
    I'm a bit disappointed.


  3. I, too, am very disappointed. I just hope that the service provider can get the server back up and running for the next quiz (starts in 9 mins).

    As soon as I find out when the server went down, I will make an announcement regarding the status of today's quiz results.


  4. I waited and hoped till 23:59.
    very bad.

  5. The PL/SQL Challenge is back up. So you can take the quiz for Wed starting...NOW!

  6. I never made it for the 24th and I notice my ranking just dropped 600 places! :(

  7. Hello All,
    I would rather dare to suggest something else:

    If possible, to make the answering time being 2 days long for each quiz, that is, a new quiz will still be published every day, but each day
    will be closed at the end of the next day only
    in what regards scoring and ranking.

    This of course will add up to the tension of waiting 2 days for the updated scores,
    but maybe will give everybody a better chance
    to avoid encountering the web site being down...

    The 4 hours chosen for cancelling a whole day contest results could as well be considered
    unfair for the players who did succeed to answer and did it well, though, of course,
    theoretically everyone is equally exposed both to the good and to the bad side of the decision.

    By the way, besides the drastical problem of the site being down, there is another technical issue that might influence one's scoring: the answer time probably starts to run in the moment when we press the "Take the quiz" button, but after doing this there might be a different time until the browser effectively displays the page with the question, depending probably on the local internet connection, a.s.o.
    The same might be true, though probably less,
    when pressing the "Submit" button.

    I suppose it is very difficult to achieve complete equality when such technicalities are involved, anyway, it is still a great thing that we find ourselves together day by day,
    playing the quiz, learning and improving ourselves all the time and, not least,
    passionately waiting for the results ...

    Thanks Steven a lot for your permanent endeavours to make this quiz a real happening and being so prompt in answering all our messages and concerns !

    Best Regards to all & Have a nice week,
    Iudith Mentzel