18 November 2010

Typo in 17 November quiz requires rescoring for 24 players (1681)

The question for 17 November asked you to answer questions about "a nested table" when it should have said "a nested table type." This mistake, which resulted in all choices being incorrect, was fixed early in the day. A total of 24 players had, up to that time, chosen "all wrong" for their answer. They will receive full credit for their answer and their choices will be changed to correspond to "fixed" correct answers. For anyone else who answered "all wrong," well, you don't have their excuse (and sharp eyes) for a justification. Cheers, SF


  1. Thanks Steven. I am one of those 24 players. I knew something was wrong - it seemed unlike you to ask a trick question like that but I had to go with my instinct and answer the question the way it was worded. Anyway thanks for recctifying the situation.

  2. I was only one of the 24 candidates who reported this error/mistake ...

    This morning, I received an e-mail with pointer to this blog.

    Many thanks for that.