17 March 2011

One Year Anniversary of PL/SQL Challenge Approaches

The PL/SQL Challenge was launched on 8 April 2010 - our one year anniversary approaches!

I just received this very nice note from a player:

Happy Anniversary!! One year ago today I started my association with the "Quiz" when I began working with the Beta Quiz. I have learned a lot about Oracle and myself because of the Quiz in that year. It has been Good. As I said earlier there is a little celebration going on in my cube because of this special day. I though it would be awkward, but with it also being St. Patrick's Day the party fits right in. No green beer however. If you have a chance stop by. I know the "Official" anniversary of the Quiz is still coming up, but that will just be the impetus for another party!

I'd been hoping to release version 2 of the website in time for the one year anniversary, but it looks like that will be delayed for all sorts of wonderful reasons, which I will share soon.

So I do not yet have plans set for a celebration, but I'd love to start collecting any others stories or comments from you, dear players.

How has the PL/SQL Challenge changed your life? Or, perhaps a bit more modestly, how has it had an impact on your work as a PL/SQL developer, both from the perspective of the technology and career? Do you have any funny, exciting, fascinating stories about what you've done or learned, playing the quiz?

You can post any such stories here or send them to me (steven@stevenfeuerstein.com). I will collect them together and publish them on the website.

Steven Feuerstein


  1. What the PL/SQL Challenge has done for me is prove that my style of coding with lots of mini-tests is best for me (not necessarily for others.) I have a terrible mental-compiler. Most of the questions I've gotten wrong have been on topics I know very well and simply overlooked something that would be immediately evident with a simple test case.

    I enjoy the mental gymnastics of trying to do it anyway even if it costs me the top spots week after week.

    Thanks and keep 'em coming!

  2. PL/SQL Challenge has proved to me that how powerful this language is. Thanks to PL/SQL Challenge I reinforce my knowledge and learn something new everytime. And thanks to PL/SQL Challenge I got my OCP 11g Developer certification this year.

    Happy Anniversary.