01 April 2011

Another quarter ends!

Dear PL/SQL Challenge Players:

Another quarter has ended, a new quarter has begun.

And you know what that means:

1. I will be announcing the participants in the 2011-Q1 playoff championship soon (likely next week).

2. Everyone starts with a "clean slate" for Q2. If you weren't happy with your ranking last quarter, you have the opportunity to play diligently and carefully and keep your ranking up high.

3. If you have been playing non-competitively and would like to switch, now (the first week of every quarter) is the time to switch back to competitive play.

I will send out a newsletter with detailed information about activity of all players in the quarter. But here's an early glimpse:

Total number of unique players: 1,722
Total answers submitted: 21,604
Time playing quizzes: 73 days 15 hrs 44 mins
Total countries playing: 86

More to come, thanks again to everyone for playing - I hope you've learned a lot. Please spread the word to other developers to join us!

Warm regards,
Steven Feuerstein

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