12 May 2011

Final test period for PL/SQL Challenge version 2

Dear PL/SQL Challenge player,

I am pleased to inform you that test.plsqlchallenge.com is now open for testing of version 2 of the PL/SQL Challenge website.

The test period will last through 20 May. We then plan to upgrade PLSQLChallenge.com over the weekend of 21 May.

You should be able to log in using the same information you use at plsqlchallenge.com. All of your quiz results through the end of last week are loaded up.

Remember: any information you enter on the test site (quizzes taken, changes to profile, etc.) will not be carried over to the production site.

As you will see, version 2 of the website is very different from the current state of the site. We hope that you like changes! Besides a new new look and feel, the biggest change you will notice immediately is that the site is no longer focused around a single, daily quiz. There is no longer, for example, a button in the menu bar for Take Quiz. Now you simply pick the quiz you want to take from the Pick a Quiz table.

This is just one reflection of the fact that the site is now powered by a much more flexible platform for delivering quizzes. We will, as a result, soon be adding SQL and PL/SQL quizzes. We also now offer polls, right on the site, so that we can more easily gather feedback from you on how to improve the PL/SQL Challenge.

When you notice a problem with the site and click on Feedback to report a bug, please make sure to view the report on the bottom of the page (especially the Known Issues report) to avoid submitting an issue of which we are already aware.

You can also respond to this blog post with your feedback.

Many thanks in advance,
Steven Feuerstein

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