31 May 2011

New feature: Open Question in New Window

With the questions and choices on a single long page, as you scroll down to evaluate your choices, you can lose sight of the question. For questions with lots of choices or choices with lots of code, players found themselves "bouncing" up and down on the page: read the choice, go back to the question, back down to the choice.

Not very user-friendly.

To address this problem we now offer a hyperlink to "Open Question in New Window" directly under the text of the question. Click on this link to open a new browser that contains both the question and choices. You can then scroll down through the choices on the "take the quiz" page, and still see the question text. You can, of course, also use this extra window to compare two different choices, more easily identifying the differences.

We hope this improves your quiz-taking experience.

Cheers, Steven Feuerstein

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