24 August 2011

APEX Support in Toad

Quest is exploring whether to and how best to add support for Oracle Application Express in Toad for Oracle.

More and more Oracle technologists are building websites in APEX technology. It is moving rapidly from the sidelines of departmental applications to the mainstream of robust, public and private websites implementing mission critical applications involving many users. For example, the PL/SQL Challenge website is built on APEX.

Hundreds of thousands of these same technologists also spend lots of their time in Toad for Oracle, building out the backend elements (tables, packages, etc.). Quest Software believes that Toad for Oracle should be able to help APEX developers understand, analyze, maintain and even enhance their applications from within Toad.

We also, realize, however, that there is an enormous range and depth of experience with APEX "out there." So rather than just come up with a list of features we think would be helpful to APEX developers, we'd like to hear from you, the APEX developer and also development DBAs supporting APEX developers, about how you think Toad for Oracle can best support your work with APEX.

You can do so by responding to this blog post. You can also email me directly at steven.feuerstein@quest.com. I will be compiling requests and requirements for consideration by the Toad for Oracle Product Manager and development team.

Many thanks in advance,
Steven Feuerstein
PL/SQL Evangelist, Quest Software

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