05 October 2011

Participants in Q3 2011 Championship Playoff

30 September ended the third quarter of 2011, which means....it's time to hold a championship playoff!

Participants come in three "flavors":
  1. Top 25: You ranked in the top 25 for the quarter.
  2. Correctness: Randomly selected from all players whose % correct is at least as high as the lowest % correct of the top 25 and who played at least 45 quizzes in the quarter.
  3. Wildcard: Randomly selected from all players who played at least 30 quizzes in the quarter and whose 30 highest weighted scores meets or exceeds those of the top 25 players.
Visit the FAQ for more details on playoff participant selection.

Below you will find the Q3 2011 participants. Every person on this list devoted a substantial amount of time and brain cells to make it this far. Now they will compete head to head in a time-limited, five-quiz competition to determine the sharpest, most knowledge PL/SQL developers this quarter.

The number in parentheses after their name indicates the number of playoffs in which these players have participated. Congratulations to Jeff Kemp, who has competed in every quarterly playoff since the PL/SQL Challenge started. And kudos to the many other players who are competing for their 3rd, 4th and 5th times!

We will announce the date for the playoff soon. 

Name Rank Qualification Country
Frank Schrader (5)1Top 25Germany
Syed Ariful Bari (1)2Top 25Bangladesh
Dennis Klemme (5)3Top 25Germany
Dmitry Pushkashu (1)4Top 25Moldova
mentzel.iudith (4)5Top 25Israel
Viacheslav Stepanov (3)6Top 25Russia
Joaquin Gonzalez (3)7Top 25Spain
Justin Cave (4)8Top 25United States
Randy Gettman (4)9Top 25United States
_Nikotin (3)10Top 25Russia
Michal Cvan (4)11Top 25Slovakia
Rajesh Venkataramani (2)12Top 25India
Janis Baiza (3)13Top 25Latvia
Siim Kask (4)14Top 25Estonia
John Hall (3)15Top 25United States
Niels Hecker (5)16Top 25Germany
Jerry Bull (2)17Top 25United States
Spoon (2)18Top 25Singapore
kowido (3)19Top 25No Country Set
Jeff Kemp (6)20Top 25Australia
Thierry Poels (2)21Top 25Belgium
Ludovic Szewczyk (2)22Top 25Belgium
Chad Lee (2)23Top 25United States
james su (3)24Top 25Canada
Ninoslav ńĆerkez (1)25Top 25Croatia
Anton Scheffer (2)30CorrectnessNetherlands
Anna Onishchuk (3)31CorrectnessIreland
Yuan Tschang (1)36CorrectnessUnited States
ZoltanKekes (1)40CorrectnessUnited States
Dejan Topalovic (1)43WildcardAustria
Carlos Eduardo Mayorga Rodriguez (1)44WildcardColombia
sbramhe (2)65WildcardNo Country Set
Alain Boulianne (1)66WildcardFrench Republic
Jack Callaham (1)67CorrectnessUnited States
macabre (2)70CorrectnessRussia
Kevan Gelling (3)132CorrectnessIsle of Man
Michael S. (1)169CorrectnessGermany
dobloman (1)192CorrectnessNetherlands
Ashvin Dadhania (1)302CorrectnessUnited States

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