10 October 2011

Start and End Dates of the Oracle Magazine Quizzes

We've received some feedback players expressing confusion over the start and end dates for the Oracle Magazine quizzes and, related to that, when you can see the answers to the quizzes.

Each issue of Oracle Magazine is available in both online and print edition. Generally, the online edition is available one month prior to the print version, or at least prior to the published months for the issue.

In other words, the Sept/Oct 2011 edition of Oracle Magazine can be seen online starting August 1.

So each Oracle Magazine quiz starts one month earlier than the published starting month, and it overlaps (is still open) the quiz for the next edition. This means that:

1. Two Oracle Magazine quizzes are open at any given point in time.

2. You can't see the answers for the quiz for the previous edition even though the quiz for the next/current edition is available for answering.

Steven Feuerstein

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