20 September 2012

PL/SQL Challenge Adds New Feature: Favorites

We upgraded to version 2.4 today and it has a single new feature - requested by many players: Favorites.

You can now "tag" authors, players, quizzes, resources, features and more as Favorites. The home page will then show latest news about your favorites and - if you are receiving emails with quiz results - you will be notified via a daily email digest of this news as well.

You will now see "Add to Favorites" links on the Quiz Details page, a player's profile, and more. Just look for this widget:

and click on it to add to your favorites, after which it will look like this:

You will now find on your home page a new section showing the latest news for your Favorites:

The Favorites tab on the menu offers access to the Favorites Manager page, where you can remove favorited items and also "zoom" straight to an item of interest.

And the Favorites Manager:
Notice that you can request to have a daily digest emailed to you with the latest news for your Favorites. We have turned on this preference only if you are already receiving daily emails with quiz results.

We hope you like this feature and take full advantage of it. Please let us know if you see any ways we can improve it.

Warm regards and happy playing,
Steven Feuerstein

1 comment:

  1. Hello Steven,

    In a single and simple word: GREAT :) :)

    I just try to imagine the tremendous work that the PL/SQL Challenge development team is putting into developing all these nice features, and, besides being a little bit envious for their opportunity for such a colorful and interesting work, I'd like to thank and congratulate the entire team for another great feature :):)

    An emotional person like me cannot but suddenly think of an "Anti-Favorites" category also, at least for quizzes...
    Well ... don't take me too seriously :):)

    Thanks a lot for all what you do for our daily improvement and fun :)

    My best regards to the entire team,
    Iudith Mentzel