10 December 2012

Where/When Do Players Play?

Throughout November, a poll at the PL/SQL Challenge asked: "We've noticed that, at least for the daily PL/SQL quiz, the bulk of answers are submitted by approximately 16:00 UTC. That makes an awful lot of sense for Europeans, assuming they play the quiz at work. But it is surprising considering all the players in the Americas.  We can see when you play your quizzes, but it's far less clear where you take the quiz. Please tell us which of the following choices most closely reflects where and when you usually play your quizzes?"

178 players took the poll, and answered as follows:

Over 600 people answer a quiz through the course of a month, so this response covers roughly a quarter of all active players and likely is an accurate representation of the larger group.

As you can see, the vast majority of players answer quizzes during work hours (which I was glad to see!) and almost a third play during work time - hopefully with the support and blessing of their managers!

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