07 October 2013

How One Team Enjoys the PL/SQL Challenge

A very nice thing about my announcement over the weekend regarding cheaters is that it prompted several players to write to me about how much they have enjoyed the PL/SQL Challenge.

Here's the best story I got - it really made my day!

Thank you very much for this great project. I love the challenge and learn (almost every day) new aspects of PL/SQL.

I thought you might like to hear how we "celebrate" the PL/SQL Challenge at our company.
We are currently 6 developers using PL/SQL and playing the PL/SQL Challenge.
We made our own trophies:
  • Bronze for the leader in the previous week
  • Silver for highest ranking player in the last month
  • And gold for the best player in last quarter
Here's a picture of our quarterly trophy:

It's always a fun and funny moment when the previous owner of the trophy presents it to the new winner. 
How wonderful and entertaining! Thanks so much, Peter,for sharing this with me.
Do you have a fun story about the PL/SQL Challenge in your life and/or your job? Please let us know and we will post it on the blog!


  1. Hello All,

    Peter & Co, you are lucky indeed !
    All that I can say is that I wish I was working in such an environment :) :)

    Instead, I am completely alone and unknown ...
    except, of course, for the very good professional friends that I feel I do have in the PL/SQL Challenge community.

    But, even if so, PL/SQL Challenge is equally a celebration for me and a daily (and so often nightly ! )
    ceremony :) :)

    Thanks a lot & Best Regards,

  2. Hello All,

    as Iudith, I'am working alone on database issues in my department, too.

    I think, such a team challenge can give another push for getting good results.
    But my biggest motivation is to learn about new or currently unknown features.

    Best regards,

  3. Hi All,

    I am a PL/SQL developer based in India .

    PL/SQL Challenge is the first webpage I open after logging into the office , I think that explains all that I wanted to say !!

  4. HI all,

    At the moment I am the only active player from my country (Bosnia), so at least I am a national leader :D

    Best regards