16 December 2013

PL/SQL Challenge Website Now Available

Just in time for Tuesday!


Well, you know how you just sometimes have one of those days?

This was one of mine.

I am still analyzing the full extent of my stupidity and incompetence (and I fear the results may be classified).

But I can say this:

First of all, thank you, John Scott, for being available and so, well, non-judgmental, as you once again bailed me out.

Second, we now do hope and expect that the website will stay up and you can take your quizzes. I will look into extending what is now yesterday's quiz so it can be played today as well (an excellent idea urged by Iudith Mentzel).

My apologies for inconvenience and any mental anguish,
Steven Feuerstein


  1. Hello Steven,

    Thanks a lot if you could adopt my idea for the future, letting EVERY quiz to be opened
    for at least 2 days .

    For this one I think it is already too late, after the answers were already published ...

    Best Regards,

  2. Yes, Iudith. I agree we should do that. I thought about doing it for yesterday, but it must be tested a bit first.