20 January 2014

Participants in First-Ever Annual Logic Championship

The following players will be invited to participate in the first-ever PL/SQL Challenge Logic 2013 championship.

As you can see, we have "tweaked" the rules for championships as follows: the top 50 ranked players are now eligible to compete!

We currently plan to hold the championship on 19 February.

See the FAQ for an explanation of the three ways a player can qualify for the championship.

And congratulations to all listed below on their accomplishment and best of luck in the upcoming competition!

Name Rank Qualification Country
Naresh Kumar 1Top 50India
mentzel.iudith 2Top 50Israel
Ingimundur Gudmundsson 3Top 50Norway
Chad Lee 4Top 50United States
Milibor Jovanovic 5Top 50Serbia
Niels Hecker 6Top 50Germany
PZOL 7Top 50Hungary
Jerry Bull 8Top 50United States
Dan Jankowski 9Top 50United States
Kanellos 10Top 50Greece
macabre 11Top 50Russia
Viacheslav Stepanov 12Top 50Russia
Sebastian Kolski 15Top 50Poland
chill 16Top 50Austria
katuinbouter 17Top 50Netherlands
Peter Chenery 18Top 50United Kingdom
Chris Saxon 19Top 50United Kingdom
james su 20Top 50Canada
Rich Dellheim 21Top 50United States
Ralf Koelling 22Top 50Germany
Zoltan Fulop 23Top 50Hungary
Yuan Tschang 24Top 50United States
Elic 25Top 50Belarus
Tom Hussey 26Top 50United States
Thierry Poels 27Top 50Belgium
gobruins 28Top 50United States
Pavel Vorontsov 29Top 50Russia
Sean Molloy 30Top 50United States
Mehrab 31Top 50United Kingdom
koko 32Top 50Ukraine
danad 33Top 50Czech Republic
Vijay Mahawar 34Top 50India
JasonC 35Top 50United Kingdom
umir 36Top 50Italy
Cristinel Boboc 37Top 50Romania
Rytis Budreika 38Top 50Lithuania
Jason H 39Top 50United States
Randy Gettman 40Top 50United States
Stelios Vlasopoulos 41Top 50Belgium
Tony Winn 42Top 50Australia
Jens Petersen 43Top 50Germany
Mihail Siscu 44Top 50Moldova
Hudai Polat 45Top 50Turkey
Sandra99 46Top 50Italy
Andres 47Top 50Estonia
Justin Cave 48Top 50United States
Bruno Martins 49Top 50Portugal
JuanFer 50Top 50Bolivia
MarkM. 55CorrectnessGermany
owbeg 58CorrectnessUkraine
tonyC 61CorrectnessUnited Kingdom
Dan Kiser 79CorrectnessUnited States
Lieselotje 81CorrectnessBelgium
Enrico Rebecchi 126CorrectnessItaly

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