27 May 2010

Welcome to the PL/SQL Challenge blog!

We (Finn Ellebaek Nielsen and Steven Feuerstein, creators of the PL/SQL Challenge) have decided to start up a blog to both chronicle the goings-on of the PL/SQL Challenge.

We will post entries here when players raise questions about a particular quiz, providing an opportunity for players to discuss that quiz.

I (Steven Feuerstein) also plan to offer some background as to why I initiated the PL/SQL Challenge project and where I intend to go with it.

We hope that if you are a PL/SQL developer or, more generally, an Oracle technologist who works with PL/SQL, that you will play the PL/SQL Challenge and help us build a world-wide community of engaged, ever-more-expert PL/SQL programmers.

Happy coding!
Steven Feuerstein and Finn Ellebaek Nielsen


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  2. Great idea to give us an opportunity to comment


  3. Smart idea. It was always possible to comment using the bug/comment forms. But now it is visible for everyone.

  4. This is a great way to learn and leverage sometime forgotten rules or may be not learnt at all and innovative techniques which help practically in day to day projects, so this blog is really deepening knowledge.


  5. Couldn't you integrate the blog into the challange itself so that it isn't nessecary to create a Google account just to post comments?