27 May 2010

Well, the PL/SQL Challenge isn't JUST a game!

We recently received this email and thought you'd enjoy it as much as we did:

Before ending my work day at the office, I decided to play my daily quiz, and was surprised by the following message:
You cannot access the following Web address: http://plsqlchallenge.com/
The site you requested is blocked under the following categories: Games
You can: Submit a site review request to your network administrator.
I did write to the network administrator, hoping that someone will review this classification. Sad huh? No more PL/SQL discussion between the developers here at work...

We sure hope he gets that sorted out, and that none of you are stopped by your network administrator or (even worse) a narrow-minded manager from playing the PL/SQL Challenge!


  1. I agree the discussions about the questions at work is were the real learning happens. I hope your admin allows you to access to PL/SQL Challenge again soon.


  2. Sad to hear that your administrator looks at this as a game. The challenge learns me so much it is more educating. Suggestion: a different website with the same contents without a visible scoring? The you can take a look at home how well you are doing?

  3. Round here we are all competing against one another.
    We wait until everyone has played (gentlemen agreement) and then we discuss the quiz and the results - I believe we are learning a lot.

    João Barreto

  4. Here with my team we do it like João's team :-)
    Not everybody plays :-( but after everybody has played we discuss it