19 July 2010

Problems with reminder emails?

I just received this very disturbing bug report:

"I continue to be shocked by the carelessness of the developers of this site. I have unsubscribed from email notifications multiple times simply because the developers made a change. Yet again, I get a notification, simply because they added 2 reminders, and defaulted a reminder to 12:00 instead of "No reminder", even though I was not subscribed. Laziness, incompetence, lack of thorough testing, whatever - it's unbecoming of a website dedicated to good programming."

Ugh. No pulled punches there!

We are looking into possible bugs in the reminder logic. In the meantime, if anyone else is getting reminders when they feel they have turned them off, please send me an email at steven@plsqlchallenge.com letting me know of this.

Thanks (and sorry for any inconvenience), SF

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