18 July 2010

Winners of First PL/SQL Challenge Playoff Announced

On 15 July 2010, 32 developers participated in the first-ever PL/SQL Challenge championship. This playoff was the culmination of a three-month competition in which PL/SQL developers from around the world tested their knowledge of PL/SQL against one another through daily quizzes.

And now the results (drumroll, please!):

First Place: Gerben Kroese (Netherlands)
Second Place: Niels Hecker (Germany)
Third Place: Janis Baiza (Latvia)

4: John Hall (United States)
5: Timur Akhmadeev (Russia)
6: Nick Strange (United States)
7: Rob van Wijk (Netherlands)
8: Ken Holmslykke (Denmark)
9: Rich Dellheim (United States)
10: Jeff Kemp (Australia)

11: Michal Pravda (Czech Republic)
12: Henrikas Zukovskis (Lithuania)
13: Edwin van Meerendonk (Netherlands)
14: Marcus Matzberger (Germany)
15: heho (Germany)
16: Muhammad Abdul Halim (Bangladesh)
17: shwetamber kaushik (India)
18: Javid Sch (Azerbaijan)
19: Eurico Matos (Portugal)
20: Filipe Silva (Portugal)
21: Jeyhun Gasimov (Azerbaijan)
22: Adriano Teixeira (Portugal)
23: Toine van Beckhoven (Netherlands)
24: Anton Scheffer (Netherlands)
25: Sailaja Pasupuleti (India)
26: Nopparat Vanichrudee (Thailand)
27: Radoslav Golian (Slovakia)
28: Latha (United States)
29: Fabio Sangalli (Italy)
30: Noor Ahmed (India)
31: Christian Rokitta (Netherlands)
32: Rokas Baltuskonis (Lithuania)

Congratulations, first and foremost, to Gerben, Niels and Janis on your accomplishments. A very impressive performance on what participants reported was a tough set of PL/SQL quizzes.

Gerben wins US$1000, or another prize of equal or greater value (Gerben's choice).

Niels wins US$500, or another prize of equal or greater value (Niels's choice).

Janis wins a "library" of all of O'Reilly Media's Oracle ebook, or another prize of equal or greater value (Janis's choice).

Congratulations also to everyone else in the top 10. You each win your choice of an O'Reilly Media ebook.

Everyone else who participated will receive a certificate verifying your participation in the playoff, which you I hope you will display prominently, as it demonstrates your knowledge of and commitment to learning more about the PL/SQL language.

We will soon add a number of reports to the Statistics page so that you can get a sense of scores, ranking, country distribution, and more, for this playoff.


  1. Congratulations Gerben, Niels & Janis. That's a wonderful achievement for such a difficult set of questions. Hats off!

  2. Yes, Congratulations Gerven Kroese, Niels Hecker and Janis Baiza for your Great performance.

    Many many thanks to Steven Feuerstein for giving us the chance to learning PL/SQL and giving me a certificate.

    Muhammad Abdul Halim

  3. Congrats Halim!!! I am feeling proud and you know why. :)Go ahead man.

  4. Well done everyone. Good to see so many Dutch people in the final and the winner among them ;-). Well done, Gerben.

    I think it was a tough series of questions. I had enough difficulty with them. And I have respect for anyone who finished all questions in time with a high score. It seems I need to work on some specific subject areas ;-). Thanks Steven and others for the opportunity. And many thanks to Finn for his contributions!

  5. Congratulations to all!

    Specially for Gerven Kroese, Niels Hecker and Janis Baiza for your Execellent performance.

  6. Congrats!!! Thank you to all programmers.