07 October 2010

Input needed for the Past Quizzes page

Dear players,

I plan for the 1.7 release of PL/SQL Challenge (tentatively scheduled for 23 October) to improve the quantity and quality of information shown on the Past Quizzes page.

Once this page is re-designed, I then plan to send out the same information in the "yesterday's quiz" email.

So if you have any thoughts about how you'd like to see this page and/or the daily email changed, please post your ideas here (or, if you do not have a Blogger/Gmail account, send them directly to steven@stevenfeuerstein.com).

Many thanks,
Steven Feuerstein


  1. Hello Steven,

    That would be nice to have a feedback button linked directly yo this given quiz.
    Another thing - to have a link to plsqlchallenge blog article that is created for this particular quiz.

    Kind regards,
    Sergey Porokh

  2. Hi Steven,

    If you can include the time taken for the quiz in Past quizzes page, it will be great.
    In fact we would love it, if you can show the time taken right after clicking the submit button of daily Quiz!
    BTW, how is the time taken computed? - Is it done completely on the server side?

  3. Hi Steven,
    It might be useful as well so when you do take the quiz and submit your time, the ability to re-take the quiz but not submit your result. I tend to just read the code and answer accordingly (or not) and submit. it would be nice then after if i had a few spare minutes at work to work thru your example and gain a better understanding. You can always have a 'doh' moment before knowing the right answer the next day. Thanks! D

  4. Hello Steven,
    It would be nice if each player could review ALL his past quizes results, for every day
    and see ALL of them in a table, similar to the tables displayed by the Rankings page queries.

    Though we can query each past quiz separately,
    it would be nice to see the whole result list at a glance, to get a (hopefully good !) feeling about the progress.

    Also, as I understand, you plan to publish a periodical PDF with all the quizes and their answers, this would be really most welcome.

    Best Regards & Have a nice weekend,
    Iudith Mentzel

  5. Iudith

    Click on "Edit Profile" button, this takes you to the "Edit Player Profile" page. There is "Quizzes Taken" button. Click and you will see what you want :)


  6. @ Donna,

    Just press 'Back' button of FF after submitting the answer :D

  7. Hi Steven,

    I believe tha an interesting feature would be navigational buttons for the quizes instead of a combobox.

    Plus: totally agree with iudith (including and above all the periodic PDF)

    Best regards,