04 October 2010

Q3 Championship Playoff Announcement

Now that September has passed us by, it is time for the 2010 Q3 Championship Playoff!

I am pleased to announce (and offer my congratulations to) the following 81 participants in this playoff (rules for qualification may be found on the Rules page, and are either through ranking, correctness level or wildcard selection):

João Barreto from Portugal (Ranking)
Kim Berg Hansen from Denmark (Ranking)
Riccardo Buttice' from Italy (Ranking)
Amir Cohen from Israel (Ranking)
Oleg  Gorskin from Russia (Ranking)
John Hall from United States (Ranking)
Niels Hecker from Germany (Ranking)
Jeff Kemp from Australia (Ranking)
Dennis Klemme from Antigua and Barbuda (Ranking)
Elic from Belarus (Ranking)
Johan Martensson from Sweden (Ranking)
Eurico Matos from Portugal (Ranking)
Richard Meyer from United States (Ranking)
Pavel Mitrofanov from Russia (Ranking)
KartikPatel from India (Ranking)
Yuriy Pedan from Ukraine (Ranking)
Sergey Porokh from Australia (Ranking)
Jeroen Rutte from Netherlands (Ranking)
Frank Schrader from Germany (Ranking)
Filipe Silva from Portugal (Ranking)
Adriano Teixeira from Portugal (Ranking)
Marc Thompson from Australia (Ranking)
Nopparat Vanichrudee from Thailand (Ranking)
Scott Wesley from Australia (Ranking)
Pavel Zeman from Czech Republic (Ranking)
Hans Henrik Andersen from Denmark (Correctness)
Christopher Beck from United States (Correctness)
Henry Cortez Wu from Singapore (Correctness)
Jen Croy from United States (Correctness)
Michal Cvan from Slovakia (Correctness)
Eigminas Dagys from Lithuania (Correctness)
Soumyakanta Das from India (Correctness)
Andrew Fenton from United Kingdom (Correctness)
Randy Gettman from United States (Correctness)
Davide Gislon from Italy (Correctness)
Radoslav Golian from Slovakia (Correctness)
emha from Slovakia (Correctness)
Dan Kiser from United States (Correctness)
Dalibor Kovac from Croatia (Correctness)
Robert Marz from Germany (Correctness)
Michael Meyers from United Kingdom (Correctness)
glenm from Australia (Correctness)
Filip Nikšic from Croatia (Correctness)
Alen Oblak from Slovenia (Correctness)
V Vandana Patel from India (Correctness)
Alexey Pirogov from Russia (Correctness)
Alexander Polivany from Ukraine (Correctness)
Chris Roderick from Switzerland (Correctness)
John Rowbottom from United Kingdom (Correctness)
Fabio Sangalli from Italy (Correctness)
Javid Sch from Azerbaijan (Correctness)
Jennifer Schiltz from United States (Correctness)
Tony Scholefield from Australia (Correctness)
Tim Scott from United Kingdom (Correctness)
John Seaman from New Zealand (Correctness)
Paul Sharples from United Kingdom (Correctness)
Sean Stuber from United States (Correctness)
Pietro Toniolo from Italy (Correctness)
Hrvoje Torbašinovic from Croatia (Correctness)
sudarshan Veer from India (Correctness)
Tony Winn from Australia (Correctness)
Kiril Yershov from Israel (Correctness)
Markus Zuser from Austria (Correctness)
jaydeep cheruku from India (Correctness)
pinkal soni from India (Correctness)
james su from Canada (Correctness)
Toine van Beckhoven from Netherlands (Correctness)
Rob van Wijk from Netherlands (Correctness)
Piet van Zon from Belgium (Correctness)
Gunjan from India (Correctness)
al0 from Germany (Correctness)
Morten Braten from Norway (Wildcard)
Justin Cave from United States (Wildcard)
Dan from United Kingdom (Wildcard)
Xavier Descamps from French Republic (Wildcard)
Justis Durkee from United States (Wildcard)
dannyg64 from United States (Wildcard)
Michael Haynes from United States (Wildcard)
Gary Myers from Australia (Wildcard)
William Robertson from United Kingdom (Wildcard)
Peter Schmidt from Germany (Wildcard)

The distribution of players by country is as follows:

United States           12                                     
Australia               8                                      
India                   7                                      
United Kingdom          7                                      
Germany                 5                                      
Italy                   4                                      
Portugal                4                                      
Russia                  3                                      
Croatia                 3                                      
Slovakia                3                                      
Netherlands             3                                      
Denmark                 2                                      
Ukraine                 2                                      
Israel                  2                                      
French Republic         1                                      
Norway                  1                                      
Belgium                 1                                      
Thailand                1                                      
Sweden                  1                                      
Switzerland             1                                      
New Zealand             1                                      
Czech Republic          1                                      
Singapore               1                                      
Austria                 1                                      
Belarus                 1                                      
Azerbaijan              1                                      
Lithuania               1                                      
Canada                  1                                      
Slovenia                1                                      
Antigua and Barbuda     1                                      

We had 48 participants in the first playoff; the number is much larger this time due to the algorithm for correctness participation. The #10 ranked player had a correctness level of just over 91%, which led to lots of other players being invited to the playoff. [Advance notice: I plan to tweak this algorithm for future playoffs to limit the number of participants from the correctness category. They should not overwhelm those who qualified via ranking.]

I plan to hold the playoff competition on Tuesday, 12 October 2010, at 13:00 UTC, which translates to:

6 AM in California
8 AM in Chicago
2 PM London
3 PM Most of Europe
6:30 PM in New Delhi
9 PM in Singapore
Midnight in Melbourne

I realize that this is not terribly convenient for everyone (OK, that is an understatement for West Coast USA and Western Australia). Finding a good time for everyone is fairly impossible with a completely global competition like the PL/SQL Challenge - and it's not nearly as painful for Australians as the first playoff (which was held two hours later).

All participants will receive an invitation by email, and the opportunity to inform me if they cannot play. If more than 20% of participants cannot play at this time, I will find another date and time for the playoff.

Warm regards,
Steven Feuerstein

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