01 October 2010

Next Steps for Q3 Quarterly Championship

Today is the first day of the 4th quarter of 2010. This means that yesterday was the end of the third quarter, and that means that in roughly two weeks, we will hold the second quarterly championship playoff!

Over the weekend, I will be doing the following:

1. Apply a "too fast answer" adjustment for the last two weeks.

2. Generally review the quality of quiz data for the past quarter and make sure no problems exist (many players have noted, for example, that their ranking information indicates that they missed a quiz. Well, you didn't miss a quiz; instead, the quiz on 14 July was invalidated due to downtime on the site.).

3. Produce the list of qualifiers for the playoff (see Rules page for details).

I will then publish an announcement of players and tentative date/time for the playoff next week.

Warm regards,
Steven Feuerstein

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