02 October 2010

Many thanks to my reviewers!

As we finish up another quarter and roughly 60 more quizzes at the PL/SQL Challenge, I would like to take a moment and some bits and bytes to recognize my quiz reviewers.

Ken Holmslykke, who was a top-ranked PL/SQL Challenge player, volunteered to stop taking the daily quizzes (and any hope of winning all those cool prizes) so that he could take on the task of checking each of my quizzes, which are often quite a mess before they make it your screen.

Darryl Hurley, who has over the years supported my book-writing efforts with both content (the chapter on triggers in Oracle PL/SQL Programming) and feedback, has also been instrumental in, well, saving me from myself.

While I still occasionally make mistakes that "sneak by" these two fine Oracle technologists, there is no doubt in my mind (and I have the emails to prove it) that they have saved me from many more mistakes, typos and downright misunderstandings than you would have thought possible.

Ken and Darryl, you have my unending gratitude for the commitment of your valuable time to the PL/SQL Challenge!

Warmest regards,
Steven Feuerstein

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