04 April 2011

PL/SQL Challenge website unavailable from 9:15 PM UTC

Due to some problems at the service provider, the PL/SQL Challenge website went down at 9:15 PM UTC (aka, 19:15). At this time, it looks doubtful that it will come back up before the end of the day.

But, hey, anything's possible!

The rule for voiding results of a day's quiz is that the website is down for at least four hours. That will not be the case today, so the results of the quiz will be counted.

So if you have not yet answered the quiz, please check back before midnight UTC (if you can). Hopefully no one will miss submitting their answer.

Our apologies,
Steven Feuerstein


  1. First a correction: 9:15 PM UTC would be 21:15, right?
    An observation I found the site down at aprox. 21:30 (9:30 PM) Portuguese time (WET = UTC+1) and that would be 20:30 UTC (8:30 PM).
    So I think that you really wanted to say (at least) 8:15 ...and that would be 3:45 till midnight.

  2. Sigh...Yes, you are right, Filipe. It was much closer to four hours than I was thinking. And, even worse, I see no signs of the site coming back up. So...I will wait till access to the site is restored, and then we will check the logs, but it is looking very much like we will not count yesterday's quiz in rankings - and may even have a problem with Tuesday's quiz.

    Ah well....this is a good time for all of us to remember: It's just a game.

    And it looks like we have an extended "time out."