05 April 2011

Quiz Status for 4 and 5 April

The PL/SQL Challenge experienced lengthy downtime, starting at approximately 20:00 4 April and lasting till approximately 9:00 5 April.

The rule for the PL/SQL Challenge is that if the site is unavailable for at least four hours in a day, the quiz results are not counted in ranking.

We know that players were not able to submit answers on 4 April, so results for yesterday (4 April) are voided.

We will probably void results for 5 April as well, but it is possible that everyone will be able to take the quiz with the time remaining. If we do not have reports of being unable to submit an answer before end of day, we will use the answers for ranking purposes.

Our apologies for the disruption in access to the PL/SQL Challenge.

Steven Feuerstein

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