11 June 2011

Q1 2011 Playoff Results

You will find below the results of the Q1 2011 championship playoff. You can take a look at the quizzes that were in the competition through the Library page. These results are also available through the Rankings page.

Congratulations to all players, especially Frank Schrader (#1), Gary Myers (#2) and Yriy Pedan (#3)! As I note in comments after the rankings, these players had to deal with some tough questions.

The Rankings

#1: Frank Schrader (Germany) with 2881 points and 95% correct
#2: Gary Myers (Australia) with 2678 points and 85% correct
#3: Yuriy Pedan (Ukraine) with 2310 points and 75% correct
#4: Elic (Belarus) with 2299 points and 80% correct
#5: Justin Cave (United States) with 2209 points and 75% correct
#6: Anna Onishchuk (Ireland) with 2093 points and 70% correct
#7: Niels Hecker (Germany) with 2053 points and 80% correct
#8: Kim Berg Hansen (Denmark) with 1963 points and 80% correct
#9: Viacheslav Stepanov (Russia) with 1904 points and 75% correct
#10: _Nikotin (Russia) with 1903 points and 75% correct
#11: Jeff Kemp (Australia) with 1883 points and 75% correct
#12: Nis Nagel (Germany) with 1798 points and 60% correct
#13: Hrvoje Torbašinović (Croatia) with 1699 points and 70% correct
#14: Pavel Zeman (Czech Republic) with 1619 points and 70% correct
#15: Peter Hraško (Slovakia) with 1550 points and 60% correct
#16: Mike Pargeter (United Kingdom) with 1513 points and 65% correct
#17: Filipe Silva (Portugal) with 1504 points and 65% correct
#18: mentzel.iudith (Israel) with 1489 points and 55% correct
#19: Spoon (Singapore) with 1408 points and 55% correct
#20: Michal Pravda (Czech Republic) with 1376 points and 65% correct
#21: Jure Mekis (Slovenia) with 1287 points and 60% correct
#22: Sean Stuber (United States) with 1226 points and 50% correct
#23: Dominic Brooks (United Kingdom) with 1208 points and 60% correct
#24: Urs Metzger (Germany) with 1162 points and 50% correct
#25: Dalibor Kovač (Croatia) with 1152 points and 55% correct
#26: kowido () with 1019 points and 50% correct
#27: Randy Gettman (United States) with 1002 points and 50% correct
#28: Lutz Bueschler (Germany) with 1000 points and 50% correct
#29: xtender (Russia) with 892 points and 45% correct
#30: Siim Kask (Estonia) with 828 points and 50% correct
#31: Joaquin Gonzalez (Spain) with 723 points and 45% correct
#32: Marcus Matzberger (Germany) with 684 points and 45% correct
#33: Natarajan-wbt (India) with 678 points and 45% correct

Reflections on the Playoff

This playoff was different from the last three in several ways, most importantly:
  • This was the first time that the new platform was used for a playoff and overall it worked quite well. Players had much more flexibility than in previous playoffs: they could pick the time they wanted to play, and could move back and forth through the quizzes. 
  • The playoff consisted of just 5 quizzes instead of 10. Players had complained about not having enough time to complete the quizzes, so I decided to reduce the number of quizzes, but keep the same time limit of 20 minutes.
The feedback from players was fairly consistent:
  • The process was too flexible, and therefore a bit too and unnecessarily complicated. Players could make their selections but not save them (in case they wanted to change them later). But if and when they ran out of time, they were left with unsaved answers, which caused some consternation.
  • I over-compensated for the smaller number of quizzes by making the the five I did provide a bit too challenging, at least from the aspect of being able to read lots and lots of code and make sense of it in the time allowed.
As one player put it: "The playoff was really good and also really, really hard. I had lots of fun and a smoking head."

My apologies, dear players - but I suppose it is better to err on the side of too hard than too easy. It is, after all, a playoff among top-ranked players!

And, my oh my, it is just three more weeks till the end of the second quarter! So it is time to think about coming up with five more mind-benders for the Q2 playoff. If anyone has any ideas for some clever and interesting quizzes, please submit them!

Steven Feuerstein

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