04 July 2011

How to View SQL and APEX Rankings

With the advent of a wide array of new quizzes (SQL, APEX, Logic - and more to come!), you will also naturally want to see rankings for those quizzes.

Today, you can view rankings for these other technologies as follows:

First, on the home page in myPerformance, simply choose a different technology from the dropdown list and you will see the playing stats for that technology.

Second, on the Classic Rankings page, you can also select the technology:

and then set the time period in which you are interested:

You cannot yet view rankings for other than PL/SQL technologies on the Interactive Rankings page. We hope to have that implemented this week.

Enjoy and best of luck in the competitions!
Steven Feuerstein


  1. I'm currently finding that when I click "next" in the classic report, it tells me there is no results for this filter combination - for all quiz types.

  2. Yes, I have seen that, too. We have not been able to track down what causes it. I tried playing around it with it just now and if I pick a range such as 201-240, then it starts showing data and THEN Next works fine.