04 July 2011

Q2 2011 PL/SQL Championship Playoff Participants

We are pleased, indeed, to present to you the 44 players who have qualified to participate in the Q2 2011 PL/SQL Championship Playoff. For more details on how these players are selected, check out the FAQ. It takes lots of discipline and knowledge to make it to the playoffs, and we congratulate every single one of you.

We currently plan to hold the playoff on Thursday, 21 July, though that could change if enough players cannot participate on that day.

_Nikotin (Russia) Ranked 1 (Ranking)
Frank Schrader (Germany) Ranked 2 (Ranking)
kowido (No Country Set) Ranked 3 (Ranking)
Christopher Beck (United States) Ranked 4 (Ranking)
Joaquin Gonzalez (Spain) Ranked 5 (Ranking)
DikkieDick (Netherlands) Ranked 6 (Ranking)
Jeff Kemp (Australia) Ranked 7 (Ranking)
Pavel Zeman (Czech Republic) Ranked 8 (Ranking)
Siim Kask (Estonia) Ranked 9 (Ranking)
Dennis Klemme (Germany) Ranked 10 (Ranking)
Mojibul Hoque (Bangladesh) Ranked 11 (Ranking)
Jerry Bull (United States) Ranked 12 (Ranking)
mentzel.iudith (Israel) Ranked 13 (Ranking)
Filipe Silva (Portugal) Ranked 14 (Ranking)
Mike Pargeter (United Kingdom) Ranked 15 (Ranking)
Ludovic Szewczyk (Belgium) Ranked 16 (Ranking)
Sean Stuber (United States) Ranked 17 (Ranking)
Alexander Polivany (Ukraine) Ranked 18 (Ranking)
Viacheslav Stepanov (Russia) Ranked 19 (Ranking)
Hans Van Der Wildt (Belgium) Ranked 20 (Ranking)
Rajesh Venkataramani (India) Ranked 21 (Ranking)
Dalibor Kovač (Croatia) Ranked 22 (Ranking)
clee (United States) Ranked 23 (Ranking)
Randy Gettman (United States) Ranked 24 (Ranking)
Kevan Gelling (Isle of Man) Ranked 25 (Ranking)
Gary Myers (Australia) Ranked 30 (Wildcard)
sbramhe (No Country Set) Ranked 31 (Wildcard)
João Barreto (Portugal) Ranked 32 (Wildcard)
Chris Saxon (United Kingdom) Ranked 33 (Wildcard)
Anna Onishchuk (Ireland) Ranked 35 (Wildcard)
Theo Asma (Netherlands) Ranked 38 (Wildcard)
Q (Belgium) Ranked 42 (Wildcard)
xtender (Russia) Ranked 55 (Wildcard)
Marc Thompson (Australia) Ranked 58 (Correctness)
james su (Canada) Ranked 65 (Correctness)
owbeg (Ukraine) Ranked 69 (Correctness)
RajenB (Mauritius) Ranked 102 (Correctness)
Suresh Nair (United States) Ranked 122 (Wildcard)
macabre (Russia) Ranked 126 (Correctness)
Rosemary (United States) Ranked 173 (Correctness)
Arockia Arul Sekar (India) Ranked 246 (Correctness)
Tas Kartas (Australia) Ranked 261 (Correctness)
Gerry171 (United States) Ranked 397 (Correctness)
NickL (United Kingdom) Ranked 490 (Correctness)


  1. The country rankings for the quarter are interesting. Around 100 players each for Belgium, Australia and Canada, 300 each for the Netherlands and the UK, 400 for Germany, 570 for India and 750 for the US.

    And just 19 for France (French Republic) ? Just one more than Bangladesh ? Did you say something rude about the French once, or should we start a joke about "Why did the French PL/SQL programmer cross the border ?"

  2. Why did you skip Russia in your reasoning? ;-)