01 August 2011

New Oracle Magazine Quiz Starts Today!

Today marks the start of a new quiz at the PL/SQL Challenge: the Oracle Magazine PL/SQL quiz. I write a column for Oracle Magazine and two issues ago, I started a series of articles that introduce PL/SQL to those who are just entering the world of the Oracle Database.

And starting with the Sept/Oct 2011 issue, we are including quiz questions within the article, which can also be answered at the PL/SQL Challenge site.

Of course, you don't need to read the article to take the quiz, but we hope you will do so.

One player has already submitted a question about this quiz, asking: "The Oracle Magazine quiz ends in 1613 days? Seriously?"

Yes, seriously.  Each issue of Oracle Magazine has a "shelf life" of two-three months (before the next issue comes out), but the magazine is also available online. I know from experience that many Oracle technologists read these articles well into the future.

As a result, one way in which the Oracle Magazine PL/SQL quiz is different from others is that it will stay open for a really long time - until 31 December 2015.

But we will be selecting raffle winners randomly from all players, well before that, and likely more than once.

Steven Feuerstein


  1. Hello Steven,

    Cheers and long live to the new quiz !

    I only hope that we all will be still alive in 2015, to see the "official" answer as well :) :)
    even if we will be "older" by several good hundreds of quizzes at that time :) :)

    Thanks & Best Regards,
    Iudith Mentzel

  2. Excellent point, Iudith. We will make the rankings available (do the first round of prizes) at the end of the 2 month period.

    Alternatively, I might make the results available immediately - this isn't really meant to be a competitive contest. They are all beginner questions....still getting it sorted out!

  3. That was my thought when I posted the question...I can't remember what I did at work last week...I'll never remember to go check the quiz answers on Jan 1 2016!!! I really appreciate the hard work that goes into keeping this site fresh. I was surprised to see a quiz with such a long entry period...surprises like that make this site fun. Thanks for the hard work.

  4. Missed the fact that the quiz takes so long. Does remind me of a problem with I sometimes encounter, especially the weekly ones. Checking the answers on quizzes done. Is it possible to introduce a sorting in the library that says "Answers checked". In that way I can easy see if the answers are available and if I had read them. In that way I don't forget in Jan 2016 to read my answer on the quiz..... :-O

  5. I have changed the end date for the quiz to October 2011. That way, I won't have players sending me feedback asking why we have that "crazy" end date in 2015. I will figure out how to keep the quiz "alive" after Oct 2011 for those who visit later.

    Wim - great idea about the library. We are working on a number of enhancements to that page to make the information more accessible.