03 August 2011

Public Profile Settings for Your PL/SQL Challenge Account

A player wrote to us today:

I completed every daily PL/SQL challenge (as well as every Weekly SQL quiz) in July, 2011. Yet I did not receive the Achievement, "All Quizzes Taken in July 2011 (PL/SQL Challenge)" on my profile. Yet I notice that others have received this achievement. Please rectify. (Note: I did not take any of the APEX or Logic quizzes.) Thanks; your site is great.

I checked his public profile and found that he had not enabled the display of achievements. Now his accomplishment is visible to anyone who checks out his profile. And that reminded me that I should remind all of you:

While you can register by providing the absolute minimum of information, we allow you to set up your profile so that you display your technical experience, professional achievements, recommendations to others, and more. You also have complete control over what information is displayed and what is not.

I strongly encourage you to take a few minutes to visit your Account page, enter this information, and then click on the Public Profile Settings to ensure that others can what you have entered:

You can then decide which of the information from your profile you want to make public:

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