12 September 2011

IE8 and Compatibility View: TURN IT OFF!

While we continue to have problems displaying the plsqlchallenge.com site on IE7, I was particularly dismayed to receive a bug report regarding IE8. A player reported that when he visited the home page, it looked like this:

Not good.

And what bothered me most of all is that on my laptop, PLSQLChallenge.com works just fine on IE8.

Well, it took a little bit of investigation, but we finally discovered that if you have Compatibility View turned on in IE8 (and, likely, in IE9 as well), you end up with a home page like that shown to the left.

If, on the other hand, I turn off Compatibility View, the home page displays without any problem. So if your home page looks weird, check this setting before you submit a bug report:

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