02 December 2011

Late Report:: Results of Q3 2011 Championship Playoff

[My apologies to players of the championship - I just discovered that I had neglected to publish this post way back in October.]

You will find below the results of the Q3 2011 championship playoff, played on 25 October. The number next to the player's name is the number of times that player has been in a playoff.

You can take a look at the quizzes that were in the competition through the Library page. These results will also be available through the Rankings page.

Congratulations to all players, of course, but let's give a special round of applause to our top three players:

1. Frank Schrader, who has played in an astonishing five playoffs (this is the 6th since we started the PL/SQL Challenge in April 2010) and wins a US$250 Amazon.com gift card.

2. Kevan Gelling, who has played in three playoffs (a fine accomplishment in and of itself) and wins a US$175 Amazon.com gift card.

3. Justin Cave, who has played in four playoffs (very impressive) and wins a US$100 Amazon.com gift card.

Rank Name (Playoffs) Country Total Time Total Score
1Frank Schrader (5)Germany17 mins 08 secs3052
2Kevan Gelling (3)Isle of Man19 mins 57 secs2651
3Justin Cave (4)United States19 mins 59 secs2635
4Randy Gettman (4)United States17 mins 49 secs2629
5_Nikotin (3)Russia16 mins 28 secs2566
6mentzel.iudith (4)Israel19 mins 54 secs2512
7Jeff Kemp (6)Australia13 mins 25 secs2342
8Niels Hecker (5)Germany17 mins 09 secs2267
9Jerry Bull (2)United States19 mins 54 secs2247
10Janis Baiza (3)Latvia18 mins 45 secs2235
11Siim Kask (4)Estonia19 mins 27 secs2201
12james su (3)Canada16 mins 46 secs2070
13Anton Scheffer (2)Netherlands16 mins 04 secs1974
14Viacheslav Stepanov (3)Russia19 mins 32 secs1954
15Ludovic Szewczyk (2)Belgium19 mins 59 secs1850
16Joaquin Gonzalez (3)Spain16 mins 42 secs1786
17kowido (3)No Country Set19 mins 32 secs1649
18Ninoslav ńĆerkez (1)Croatia19 mins 22 secs1638
19Chad Lee (2)United States19 mins 56 secs1596
20Syed Ariful Bari (1)Bangladesh05 mins 59 secs1550
21Anna Onishchuk (3)Ireland17 mins 32 secs1519
22Dmitry Pushkashu (1)Moldova16 mins 24 secs1462
23Michal Cvan (4)Slovakia19 mins 41 secs1426
24Thierry Poels (2)Belgium18 mins 32 secs1394
25Rajesh Venkataramani (2)India19 mins 26 secs1196
26Dejan Topalovic (1)Austria14 mins 09 secs1147
27macabre (2)Russia19 mins 47 secs1099
28Alain Boulianne (1)French Republic15 mins 11 secs1061
29Spoon (2)Singapore19 mins 40 secs957
30dobloman (1)Netherlands16 mins 16 secs700
31John Hall (3)United States19 mins 41 secs481

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