02 December 2011

Looking for a few good...SQL quizzes


As many of you know, we now offer a weekly SQL quiz, in addition to the daily PL/SQL quizzes.

I have a nice solid backlog of PL/SQL quiz submissions from players - and I must use these very gradually due to their impact on rankings (the author gets maximum score possible for their quiz).

We are in need, though, of SQL quizzes. I can and will write them, but my SQL expertise is not very expert. I'd love to feature the experience and creativity of players from all over the world.

Just click on Submit Quiz and have a go at it. I am happy to help you "polish up" the text, so don't worry about the fine details. Just make sure you provide working verification code, a nice variety of chocies, and a solid explanation from which I can work.

Many thanks in advance,
Steven Feuerstein

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