05 May 2012

A Discussion Forum on the PL/SQL Challenge?

A player submitted this request yesterday:

"Hello Steven, I just wonder that are you planning to open forum in pl/sql challenge? Because I really would like to discuss and talk about quizzes. I think the only shortage in this site is forum. There should be a forum for users in order to discuss and talk about quizzes. Please do something for this. Thanks for your help."

While we have no plans to implement a "typical" forum on the PL/SQL Challenge, such as you would find on OTN or many other places, with our recent upgrade to version 2.2, you can now do precisely what this player desires.

Each quiz has a Commentary section, as you can see in the sidebar on the left side of the Quiz Details page (drill down from Library or home page):

There are three different kinds of comments/discussions you can have on a quiz.

Ask for Help - you are trying to use the feature that is the focus of this quiz and could you use some help.

Raise Objection - you think there is a problem with the quiz as it is currently presented, and think it should be changed - or the scoring for the quiz should be adjusted.

Start Discussion - general discussion about the feature that is the focus of this qui. In other words, you don't think there is a problem with the quiz, but you have some thoughts about or experience with the feature that you want to share with others.

Click on the View Commentary to see all the comment threads published; click on one of the buttons to start a new thread.

We will be going back over the posts to this blog that are specific to a quiz and move the content into the online commentary. This will take some time.

In the meantime, there is nothing stopping any and every player from using this feature to discuss the features tested in the quizzes.

Steven Feuerstein

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