05 May 2012

Update on Q1 2012 Playoff

As some of you may recall, we started a new qualification procedure for this playoff, in which a selected subset of the top-25 ranked players are asked to take three qualifier quizzes to verify their outstanding performance in the previous quarter.

For the Q1 2012 playoff, we asked six players to take the qualifier quizzes.

Much to my surprise and, I must admit, disappointment, all six players have been disqualified: three failed due to simply not taking the qualifiers at all (in fact two of these players stopping taking quizzes in early April - likely after they realized they would have to take qualifiers) and three others did not score well enough to match (or come close to matching) - and thereby validate - their previous performance.

So we have recalculated rankings for Q1 and will now proceed with our new top 25 ranked players and those who are invited to play through the correctness or wildcard selection.

I am, therefore, pleased to announce the following players are invited to compete in the Q1 2012 championship playoff. The number in parentheses after their names are the number of playoffs in which they have already participated. See the FAQ for an explanation of the three ways a player can qualify for the playoff.

Congratulations to all listed below on their accomplishment and best of luck in the upcoming competition. We will schedule the date of the playoff very soon.

Name Rank Qualification Country
Stelios Vlasopoulos (2)1Top 25Belgium
Frank Schrader (6)2Top 25Germany
Jerry Bull (3)3Top 25United States
Zoltan Fulop (0)4Top 25Hungary
mentzel.iudith (5)5Top 25Israel
kowido (4)6Top 25No Country Set
Yuan Tschang (2)7Top 25United States
Syed Ariful Bari (2)8Top 25Bangladesh
Viacheslav Stepanov (4)9Top 25Russia
Siim Kask (5)10Top 25Estonia
Chad Lee (3)11Top 25United States
Kevan Gelling (4)12Top 25Isle of Man
Krzysztof Helbin (0)13Top 25Poland
Vincent Malgrat (1)14Top 25French Republic
Sebastian Kolski (0)15Top 25Poland
Goran Stefanović (0)16Top 25Serbia
Joaquin Gonzalez (4)17Top 25Spain
Niels Hecker (6)18Top 25Germany
Dieter Kowalski (0)19Top 25Germany
_tiki_4_ (1)20Top 25Germany
Marco Siefert (0)21Top 25Germany
Michal Cvan (4)22Top 25Slovakia
Vladimir Drozdov (0)23Top 25Russia
Mike Pargeter (5)24Top 25United Kingdom
Ivan Blanarik (0)25Top 25Slovakia
Jack Callaham (1)26CorrectnessUnited States
Sean Stuber (3)27CorrectnessUnited States
Justin Cave (4)28WildcardUnited States
Ninoslav Čerkez (2)30WildcardCroatia
Thierry Poels (2)32CorrectnessBelgium
norton (0)33CorrectnessUnited States
Randy Gettman (5)35CorrectnessUnited States
Alexander Polivany (3)37WildcardUkraine
Anna Onishchuk (4)38WildcardIreland
Tobias Stark (0)40WildcardGermany
Jeff Kemp (7)54WildcardAustralia
Vebjørn Koksvik (0)58WildcardNorway
haennesche (0)76WildcardGermany
Nick Cook (0)78WildcardNo Country Set
Gideon Bruggink (1)80CorrectnessNetherlands
sbramhe (3)91CorrectnessNo Country Set
Rimantas Adomauskas (0)104CorrectnessLithuania
Alain Boulianne (2)174WildcardFrench Republic
Elena Rakhimov (0)175CorrectnessCanada
Sanjuinfo (0)328CorrectnessNo Country Set


  1. Every quarter I'm impressed by the immense diversity of participants.

    Top 5 represented by 5 different countries.
    8 different in the top 10
    11 different in the top 15

    Heading into the Olympic season, it seems only appropriate to have such an international field. Thanks for continuing the great work Steven!

  2. Wow, if an American says this, then it sounds really nice :)

    The Playoff is indeed our Olympics, and that's exactly how I felt after my first playoff participation, back in 2010-Q4.

    Just like the "bigger" Olympics brother, our PL/SQL Challenge
    does a wonderful work in bringing people closer to each other,
    I really feel that everyone here is a big friend, in spite of the fact that we have never met each other face to face :)

    Great idea, and great people contributing to it !

    Thanks a lot to everybody & Best Regards,
    Iudith Mentzel